Giles Family History

Ann Giles 1856 - 1939 married James Owen


The Giles family go back to Henry Giles c.1745, whose son, Edward Giles married Letitia Malling.  All Giles from Henry to Ann were born in Weedon Lois, Northamptonshire. The Giles Family  History goes back further than Henry through the Webb and Hall families into whom the Giles males married.

Below is the Giles family line from the marriage of  Ann Giles to James Owen back to Edward Hall at the top of the list, William Webb and Henry Giles . 


Hyperlinks in bold on Bensons and Halls below lead to the histories of each individual

Ann Giles

Ann Giles c.1877


  • Edward Hall c.1696 (husband of Susannah Bayley and father of Edward Hall)

  • Edward Hall 1732 (husband of Catherine Miller and father of Elizabeth Hall)

  • Elizabeth Hall 1761 (daughter of Edward Hall and Catherine Miller, wife of Richard Webb and mother of Edward Webb)

  • Richard Webb c.1766 (husband of Elizabeth Hall and father of Edward Webb)

  • Edward Webb 1799 (husband of Ann and father of Ann Webb)

  • Ann Webb 1821 - 1910 (wife of John Giles 1817 - 1856 and mother of Ann Giles)

  • Ann Giles 1856 - 1939 (wife of James Owen and mother of Rex Lionel Bert Owen)

  • Henry Giles c.1745 (husband of Letitia Malling and father of Edward Giles)

  • Edward Giles 1785 - 1860 (husband of Sarah and father of John Giles)

  • John Giles 1817 - 1856 (husband of Ann Webb and father of Ann Giles - see above)

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