Ann Giles

Daughter of John Giles and Ann Webb, mother of Rex Lionel Bert Owen and wife of James Owen

Ann was born in Lois Weedon on 21st March 1856. The occupation of her father, John, was recorded as Agricultural labourer and her mother Ann Webb was the informant, signing with her mark. She was baptised at the Parish Church on 18th May 1856.

 At the time of Annís marriage to James in 1877, her residence was still recorded as Lois Weedon and her fatherís profession as labourer, deceased.

From an Account of the Executors of the will of William Webb, Anneís Uncle in about 1920, £1959.1.0 was left to Ann and the same amount to her two brothers and one sister.

Annís death certificate shows that she died on 18th October 1939, at 19 Walsworth Road, Hitchin. The informant was her son Rev E S Owen who was present at her death.

On the Gravestone of James Owen in Towcester cemetery there is inscribed:

ďAlso of Ann wife of the above who died October 1939 aged 83 years



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