Richard Webb

Father of Edward Webb and husband of Elizabeth Hall

Richard was born in Northamptonshire c.1760

On 20th January1781, Richard appears on the Militia List, verified on 5th February 1781. His occupation at that time was a Servant.

He married Elizabeth Hall in Gayton, Northamptonshire on 22nd September 1788, after Banns. Richardís occupation was recorded as a labourer. Witnesses at the wedding were William Adams and Edward Hall.

They had four children baptised as follows:

Mary Webb 6th September 1789

John Webb 1st March 1793

Richard appears again on 16th June 1795, verified for Voluntary Subscription to the Government, his occupation labourer; and once more on 26th November 1796 on the Militia List, verified on 1st December 1796 (Ref: X270-1M). On 20th September 1798 he is on the Militia list, troubled with Rheumatism

Edward Webb 30th June 1799  

Thomas Webb 22nd May 1802. He married Ann Trussler on 17th March 1823 in Gayton. They appear in the 1841 Census living at the Alms House 3, Gayton, aged 37 and 40 respectively. Thomas being an agricultural labourer. They had one son, John Webb, aged 12 and 3 daughters: Eliza, aged 14; and Ann, aged 15

Elizabeth died in 1837 and was buried in Gayton on 14th April, aged 76. 

Richard appears in the 1841 Census for Gayton, a widower, agricultural labourer and aged 80, to the nearest 5 years. He does not appear in the 1851 Census.

Richard died in 1845 and was buried on 2nd March in Gayton, aged 84 

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