Edward Webb



Son of Richard Webb and Elizabeth Hall, father of Ann Webb and husband of Hannah ? 

Edward was baptised in Gayton, Northamptonshire, on 30th June 1799

The birth of his daughter, Ann, in 1820 in Gayton, was to Edward and Ann Webb. Ann appears to be their first and possibly only child, for subsequent children are borne to Edward and Hannah. It is alternatively possible that Hannah’s name was spelt incorrectly in 1821, for on the baptism of the next daughter, Harriet, in 1823 an H and an ah were added to Ann - Hannah. 

The children borne to Edward and Ann/Hannah and baptised were as follows:

Ann Webb 6th January 1821

 Harriet Webb 9th November 1823

John Webb 4th September 1826

William Webb c.1829. According to the 1861 Census, William was aged 35 and married to Maria, living bat Passenham Mill, Northamptonshire. Present in the house was his niece Emma Giles, aged 14

 Emma Webb 2nd October 1831

The 1841 Census for Gayton reveals Edward aged 40, Hannah aged 45 and Ann aged 15 to the nearest 5 years plus a William aged 12 and Emma aged 8. William would have been borne c. 1829.

The 1851 and 61 Census has Edward and Hannah alone at home in Gayton aged 52 and 60 respectively in 1851 and 61 and 68 in 1861. The 1861 Census also records their address as Farm Street, Gayton.  Hannah’s birth place is recorded as Wichford, Warwickshire and she was born c.1793 - more research necessary.

The 1871 Census has Edward and Hannah aged 70 and 78 respectively.  They were living at 4 Chapel Street, Gayton

Hannah died on 20th June 1872 in Gayton, aged 81 years, according to her gravestone, but according to her death certificate on 23rd June 1872; it was noted that she was the wife of Edward Webb, farm labourer and the cause of death was “Congestion of the Brain Apoplexy Certified” The informant was a Catherine Carvell (by mark), who was present at the death.  Hannah was buried at Gayton on 26th June 1872 

According to the 1881 Census for Weedon Lois, Edward was living with his daughter Ann, as a widower.

Edward died, according to his gravestone in Gayton Churchyard, on 21st January 1887, aged 87 years.  He was buried on 26th January.

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