Edward Giles


Son of Henry Giles and Letitia Malling, father of John Giles and husband of Sarah

Edward was baptised in “Loys Weedon” on 16th January 1785.

Edward and Sarah were living in Weedon Lois when their children were baptised.

Elizabeth Giles 20th January 1806

William Giles 22nd April 1810

Ann Giles 31st May 1812

Letitia Giles 20th November 1814

John Giles 2nd February 1817

Edward Giles 20th May 1819. He died in 1859 and was buried in Weedon Lois on 10th July

Joseph  Giles 14th April 1821. He died in 1842 and was buried in Weedon Lois on 19th December

Charlotte Giles 25th March 1827. On 18th November 1846, Charlotte, described as a lace maker, married Samuel Barnes, a labourer, in Weedon Lois

The 1841 Census for Weedon Lois has Edward and Sarah both aged 55, to the nearest 5 years, and John, Edward, Joseph and Charlotte at home.

On the marriage certificate of his son, John, either Edward or his son, Edward, is a witness who signs with his mark.

The 1851 Census has both Edward and Sarah aged 67. Sarah was born in Wappenham and there are no children at home.  Edward’s employment is recorded as a labourer.

Edward and Sarah died within days of each other being buried in Weedon Lois. Edward  on 6th January 1860  aged 77 and Sarah on 23rd December 1859 aged 76.

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