Gaskell Family in the United Kingdom


Robert Owen Hugh Gaskell 1946 married Elaine Kathleen Gill


My Gaskell Family goes back to Thomas Gaskill of Cheshire c.1650 - 1724


Thomas's son, John, moved to Manchester in the late 1690's and my part of the family left Manchester for Worcester and London in the mid 1700ís


From the mid 1700ís until the late 1800s the Family was principally located in Worcestershire, Shropshire, London, Kent, Buckinghamshire and Devon.  There were also related Gaskells in Yorkshire, Sussex and Germany


Robert Gaskell and Elaine Gill







Rob & Elaine. Christmas 2002

While in Buckinghamshire, a Coat of Arms was granted to the Gaskell Family in 1822.  There is also a complete print out of the words of the grant

From c.1900 the Gaskell family has lived all over the South East, East Anglia and Home Counties around London


Below are the Gaskells from my grandchildren at the end of the list back through me and all Gaskell grandparents. 


Hyperlinks in bold on Gaskells below lead to the histories of each individual

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