Charlotte Bruce



Adopted daughter of General Robert Bruce, mother of Rev. Thomas Kynaston Gaskell and husband of Charles Thomas Gaskell


Charlotte’s adoptive father, Lieutenant General Robert Bruce, records in his will that she was borne in India on 14th November 1802.

On 11th September 1832, at the age of 29, she married Charles Thomas Gaskell at St Lawrence Church, Little Stanmore, Middlesex - see Charles Thomas Gaskell for details.

The Gentlemans Magazine entry records Charlotte as daughter of the late Gen. Bruce of Elstree, Herts.

The 1851 Census gives Charlotte’s birthplace as East Indies (India). and states that she is a British subject aged 49. The 1861 Census records that she was borne in India.        

In the 1861 Census of Fulmer House, Fulmer, Isabella Norton and Sophia Norton appear as nieces of Charlotte aged 36 and 25 respectively. They are, the daughters of Charlotte’s elder sister, Helen Burrington Norton, nee Bruce, born in Stanmore, Middlesex. Others in residence were Charlotte; Thomas Kynaston, son aged 21 and student at the University; Annie daughter aged 17 and Scholar; Elizabeth A Rouse sister in law aged 62 and proprietor of houses; Mary Gaskell sister in law aged 58 and proprietor of houses; a French Governess - presumably for Annie, and four servants.

According to the 1871 Census Charlotte, an Annuitant, was the Head of the Household at Fulmer House, aged 67.  Also present were her son, William Plummer Gaskell, aged 35, retired Major of 24th Foot and Landowner; Annie, her daughter, unmarried and aged 27, an Annuitant. Also present were three servants and four agricultural labourers.

Mary Gaskell, sister-in-law to Charlotte, mentions in her 1871 will a Henry Bruce, nephew of Charlotte.  The connection is not known.

The Burial Register of St James, Fulmer, Bucks, records Charlotte's burial on 17th September 1880.

The tombstone to the left of the north entrance to Fulmer Parish Church reads:

“Sacred to the memory of Charles Thomas Gaskell Esq of Fulmer House who died August 1st 1858 aged 52 years. Also of Charlotte his wife who died September 11th  1880. The anniversary of their wedding aged 77 years.”

Charlotte did not make a will, but the Administration of her Personal Estate, valued at under £30, states that she was late of 24 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square in the County of Middlesex but died at Elm Lodge, Hampstead.  Administration was granted to her daughter Annie Gaskell, also of 24 Upper Gloucester Place.


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