Elizabeth Barrett



Mother of William Gaskell and wife of John Gaskell


Elizabethís birth date and locations are, as yet, uncertain, although she was born c.1720. On 19th May 1743, she married John Gaskell, by Licence of Wickham, at Banbury.  From soon after the marriage, Elizabeth lived in Worcester. However, she spent long periods of time, after Johnís death, in Ludlow, Shropshire, with her son, Thomas, and his family.


On June 7th 1773, in the last of a number of letters to her son, George, in London, she wrote of her poor health and her plans to let her house and move to Ludlow permanently in Midsummer - God willing.


Elizabeth died, however, on Saturday, 7th August 1773. Her death in 1773 is recorded in the College of Arms records.


Elizabeth was buried on 10th August 1773 in St Peterís Worcester..


Portrait of Elizabeth c.1750

The will of Elizabeth was dated 16th March 1772. The Executors were John Gaskell (son) and Henry West, a friend (a Carrier - like her husband, John).


Elizabeth of the Parish of St Peter, Worcester ďbeing weak and infirm in body but of sound mind memory and understandingĒ


Elizabeth makes reference to the £100 given to all her children by John's will - Thomas, John, Elizabeth, William and George - out of his personal estate when they reach 21 or marry. If they die before 21 unmarried, their share is to be divided amongst the children remaining. Such legacies not paid out on Elizabeth's death shall be discharged.

She makes further reference to John's bequest to Thomas, the eldest son, of a much greater sum of money, than his share, from the sale of the farm at Battenhall and therefore leaves to Thomas "the sum of £5 only to buy him Mourning" (this does not agree with John's will and Thomas seems to have been somewhat unfairly treated, unless John sold the farm and took a lease back for Thomas's benefit before 1766).

To Elizabeth (her daughter) £100 (£7140 in money of 2002) within 12 months of her death. Also, "the furniture of my best room and all my wearing apparell".


All the "rest, residue and remainder of my Goods, Chattels, Book Debts, Securities for Money and all of my Personal Estate of what Nature, Kind " etc after payment of debts, funeral expenses etc to the rest of the children still surviving on her death John, Elizabeth, William and George, to be shared equally.


The will was proved in London on 22nd January 1774  by the executors.


On 28th January 1774 a document was lodged with the Bank of England, it referred to £300 (£21,000 in money of today) Consolidated 4% Annuities not mentioned in Elizabeth's will. The document gave Elizabeth's address as Batten Hall, Worcester. Presumably she was living on the leased farm in Batten Hall mentioned as left to her in her husband's will.


Elizabethís movements come from the letters held at Worcester County Record Office, St Helenís

The will is located at The Family Records Centre in London

The day of her death comes from a note of her son, George, which is held at the Worcester County Record Office, St Helenís.


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