The Children of  John Gaskell & Elizabeth Barrett

Thomas Gaskell:  1746 - 27 September 1778

Thomas was the first son of John and Elizabeth Gaskell. He was baptised on 7th June 174T6 at St Peter the Great, Worcester.

On 6th April 1769, Thomas married Mary Randle at the Parish Church of Norton Kempsey (now Norton Juxta Kempsey), Worcestershire.  Thomas was then living in Ludlow.  John Randle, Mary’s brother was a witness at the wedding.

From the many letters which Thomas’s mother and sister, Elizabeth, wrote to his brother George, it can be ascertained that both Mother and Sister went regularly, with brother “Billy”, to stay with Thomas and his family in Ludlow.

Thomas and Mary had six children

Thomas Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 26th December 1769. He appears in the will of his Great Aunt, Ann Misenor, in 1784, when he was probably apprenticed. In 1820 he appears again as a nephew in the will of William Gaskell, his grandfather’s younger brother: Thomas is then of St George’s, Hanover Square, London. However, when William’s will was proved in 1822, he was living in Howland Street, Fitzroy Square, London. Thomas was buried on 18th February 1829 in the Parish Church of St Marylebone, London, aged 58? He was then living in Edward Street, Langham Place. Thomas did not marry.

Elizabeth Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 25th February 1771 and married James Mobbs of Southampton at St Peter the Great, Worcester on 13th February 1794.  James was Interpreter at the Court of Berlin and known as a cultured Gentleman. Elizabeth died on 28th February 1821. They had one daughter

Elizabeth Mobbs baptised at St Peter’s on 27th March 1799; she married John Mead of Ceylon on 13th July 1820 in Claines, Worcestershire. Elizabeth’s  mother was a witness at the wedding. John was born c.1874.  Elizabeth Ann Rouse, nee Gaskell mentions her cousin, in her will of 1871- Mrs Mead of Weymouth.

According to the 1841 Census, John, of independent means and Elizabeth were living in Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset with the following children were at home: Grace, aged 15, Louisa, aged 14, Ellen, aged 12, Charlotte, aged 11, Lucy, aged 9, George, aged 7, Margaret, aged 4 plus one servant

According to the 1851 Census, John, aged 77 and Elizabeth, aged 55, were still living in Melcombe Regis, Dorset, with their children: Elizabeth, aged, 28, Ann L aged 27, Ellen M, aged 22, Charlotte, aged 21, Lucy, aged 19, Annie (?Margaret)aged 13

Elizabeth died in 1861 and John, who was the son of Robert Mead and Grace Stevens, died in 1857. They had the following children:

John Mead who was baptised on 28th April 1821 at St Helen’s, Worcester.  John is mentioned in the 1871 will of Elizabeth Ann Rouse, nee Gaskell.

According to the 1851 Census, John aged 29, was living in the Inner temple London, an Attorney, with a visitor, Maria T Goodwin, aged 26 and born in Worcester.

John appears in the 1881 Census, aged 59 and a solicitor living at 2 Kings Bench Walk in the City of London.  Living with him were  his daughter, Charlotte Patrick, aged 25, born in Norwich, Norfolk, who was a Dep maker; and Frances Patrick, aged 65, possibly Charlotte’s mother in law, a House Keeper, plus two visiting scholars.

Elizabeth Grace Mead who was baptised on 28th April 1822, also at St Helen’s. She married Rev. Thomas Alexander Falkner in 1852 and they had the following children

Robert Alexander Falkner was born in 1854 and died in1858

Mary Grace Falkner was born in 1856 and died in 1901. She was unmarried

John Meade Falkner born on May 8th 1858, in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire. He married in 1899 Evelyn V Adye (1870 – 1940). John died on 22nd July 1932

Anne Louisa Falkner  born in 1862 and died in1933. She was unmarried

Charles Gaskell Falkner was born on 8th February 1864.  He attended Dorchester School under Mr Miller and entered Trinity College Cambridge on 6th October 1887, graduating BA in 1890 and MA in 1903. He was Assistant master at Weymouth College for 11 years and at Trent College for one Term in 1902

He married in 1903 Eva M Sandes who was born in 1876 and died in 1968

Charles was the Author of “Book of Records of Weymouth College”

Charles died on 15th September 1932

William Richardson Falkner was born on 19th April 1867 at Dorchester. He entered Queens’ College, Cambridge in 1886, graduating BA in 1867.

William was unmarried and died in 1902.

Anne Louisa Mead born in Weymouth, Dorset c.1826

Ellen Mary Mead born in Weymouth, Dorset c. 1827.  She was mentioned, in the will of Elizabeth Ann Rouse nee Gaskell written in 1871, as Elizabeth's godchild

Charlotte Mead born in Weymouth, Dorset c. 1830

Caroline Lucy Mead born in Weymouth, Dorset c. 1832

Annie M Mead born in Weymouth, Dorset c. 1838

Plus 2 servants

Not at home were:

Colonel Robert Mead, HM Ordnance, who married Charlotte. They had two children

Reginald Falkner Mead was born in mid 1861 in London.  He appears in the 1881 Census as a lodger at the home of Mr and Mrs John Hill, 7 Romney Way, Maidstone, Kent. In 1900 he was in Spokane, Washington, USA and he emigrated to Canada.

George Robert Stow Mead was born on 22nd March 1863 in Peckham, London and baptised on 22nd March. 

According to the 1871 Census he, aged 8, and his brother, Reginald, aged 9 were living in Wheat Lane, Nuneaton with their grandmother, Sarah Stowe, aged 69 and born in Nuneaton; with income from houses and annuities.. Also present was their Aunt, Emma C Stowe, aged 36, also born in Nuneaton. He attended Kings School Rochester Cathedral, under Mr Langhorne.  He entered St John’s College, Cambridge on 11th October 1881 and graduated B.A. in 1884 and M.A. in 1926.

On leaving university, he became Private Secretary to Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, and in 1887; General Secretary of the European section. Closely associated with Mrs Besant, with whom he edited a theosophical journal Lucifer, later named the Theosophical Review; finally became sole editor.

According to the 1891 Census, George was a visitor, aged 28, at the home of Mr and Mrs Terry Barrett, 17 Avenue Road, Marylebone, London; he was then an employed author and journalist.  

George married in 1899, Laura Mary Cooper, the daughter of Frederick Cooper, C.B., I.C.S. 

According to the 1901 Census, George and Laura, aged 44 and born in Delhi, India,,  were living at 43 Tavistock Square, London with a boarder and four servants; George described his job as Editor and Author.

He resigned from the Theosophical Society in 1908, and founded with a group of co-workers, the Quest Society, which led, in 1909, to the publication of The Quest (a quarterly review), which ceased publication in 1930. He took a keen interest in the Society for Promoting the Study of Religions, giving lectures and holding discussion classes. He was the author of: Fragments of a Faith Forgotten; Echoes of the Gnosis (II vols.); Simon Magus; Orpheus; The Upanishads; Apollonius of Tyana; The Gospels and the Gospel; Did Jesus live 100 B.C.? Thrice Greatest Hermes; The World Mystery; Some Mystical Adventures; Quests Old and New; The Subtle Body; Pistis Sophia; The Gnostic John the Baptizer; The Sacred Dance in Christendom.

George died on September 28th 1933, at 21, Ovington Street, London and Laura in 1924..

George Mead  born c. 1834. He married Mary Simpson.  They had a son:

George Mead who married Gladys Bachus

Margaret Mead born c. 1837. She married George Falkner

Mary Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 13th June 1772. She was buried in Ludlow on 13th August 1847, aged 73? She was living in Corve Street at the time of her death, presumably with her sister Ann.

Ann Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 6th July 1773 and buried on 1st May 1776

John Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 17th June 1775 and buried on 17th October 1775

William Gaskell was baptised at Ludlow on 4th March 1776 and buried on 10th May 1776.

Ann Gaskell baptised at Ludlow on 6th September 1778 and married George Hookey on 4th September 1806 at St Peter the Great, Worcester; Ann’s sister, Elizabeth Mobbs. was one of the witnesses. George died on 21st August 1812, aged 39, and was buried in Christchurch, Hampshire on 29th August. Ann went back to Ludlow to live, possibly with her mother.  Ann was buried in Ludlow on 26th February 1849 aged 70; she was then living in Corve Street, Ludlow. George and Ann had a son:

George Randle Hookey born in Southampton on 20th October 1808 and baptised on 25th October at St Lawrence in the Lawn, Southampton. On 30th June 1840 he married Susanna Russell., born in Worcester, 2nd daughter of John Russell J.P. and Mary Downs, of Piercefield Park, Monmouthshire and Badgeworth Court, Gloucestershire. Mary was of Alton Hall, Herefordshire.

George was in partnership with John Russell in the development of South Wales mining interests, which included Risca Coal and Iron Joint Co.: Cwtillery Colliery; South Wales Colliery Co

According to the 1851 Census, George and Susannah.were living in Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire, George was aged 38 and a landed Proprietor

According to the 1861 Census, George was living in Furze Hall, Fryerning, Essex, aged 51 and a Proprietor of Mines.  Susanna was aged 38 and their son, Henry, aged 13, plus one servant.

According to the 1871 Census, the same family members were living at 28 Westbourne Park, Paddington, London.  George was a Landowner, aged 60 and Henry a Clerk, aged 23. plus one servant.

George and Susanna lived at Risca House, Monmouthshire, with a Town house at 28 Westbourne Park.  George died on 19th May 1877 and Susannah on 18th May 1884 at Chiswick. They had the following children:

George John Hookey born on 18th March 1842 in Risca, Monmouthshire. He married on 13th October 1873 Constance Emily Cox, the daughter of Samuel Cox (1811 – 1894) and Catherine Verity (22nd  August 1811 – 12 July 1894).  George and Constance lived at Waterton Court, Bridgend, Wales.

According to the 1881 Census, George, aged 39 and Constance, aged 33, were living in Pencoed, Bridgend, Glamorgan, with Constance , aged 6, Lillian, aged 5 and George, aged 2. 

According to the 1891 Census, George aged 49, a widower, was living at 14 City Road, Bridgend, a Certified Sailor. With his daughter Constance, aged 16, son, George, aged 12 and daughter, Violet, aged 9. George died on 11th June 1896 and Constance on 5th February 1886.  They had the following children:

Constance Mary Russell Hookey born 1874 and married on 24th April 1904 her cousin, Graham Martin Verity (December 1867 – 1933).  Constance died in 1952.  They had the following children:

Gerald Martin Clive Verity

Martin Camillo Verity

Denis Abraham Verity who had a son, Peter Verity

Graham Elydyr Verity

Constance Eryl Verity

Lillian Edith Hookey born 1876 and died unmarried on 7th September 1909

George Randle Hookey born on 30th March 1879 and married Elizabeth Holmes.  They had two daughters:

Constance Athenia Hookey  who married Clifford Tetley and had issue

Violet Elizabeth Randle Hookey born on 21st June 1881 and married on 1st June 1912 Walter Powell David.  Violet died on 8th September 1971.  They had two children

Adrian Graham David

Brian Randle David

According to the 1901 Census Constance, aged 26, was living with her brother, George, aged 22 and Lilian, aged 25 at 1 Cumbarton House, Britannia Lane, Worcester. Constance was living on her own means

Henry Gaskell Hookey of Churchdown, born 1847 in Ludlow, Shropshire. According to the 1861 Census he was at home, aged 13 and a Teller, with his parents in Essex. 

In 1871 he was still living with is parents, aged 23, a Clerk, in London. In 1879  he married his cousin, Agnes Maud Cleather, 2nd daughter of Rev. George Ellis Cleather and Jane Russell, 3rd daughter of John Russell, above.

Henry changed his name by deed pole to Gaskell around this time, for in 1881 he was 33, Henry Gaskell and living with his wife Agnes, aged 28 at 43 Royal Avenue, Chelsea.  Henry was a Stock and Share Broker. Henry and Agnes had two children:

Noel Kynaston Gaskell born on 22nd January 1886.  Noel wrote several books

Irene Maud Gaskell born in early 1887 and died on 26th October 1888.

In 1891 Henry, aged 43 was living on his own means with Agnes, aged 38 and Noel, a Scholar, aged 5. They were living at 7 Polham Crescent, Kensington. 

In 1901 Henry, aged 53 was still living on his own means with Agnes, aged 48, and Noel aged 15. They were then living at 7 Park Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Thomas died on Sunday, 27th September 1778 and was buried on 1st October 1778 at St Peter the Great, Worcester.  His wife, Mary died in 1817, aged 67 and was buried at St Peter the Great on 19th January 1818.

The will of Thomas Gaskell was dated 30th June 1778.  The will gives Thomas's address as Ludlow, Salop and his place of death as St Michael Bedwardine, Worcestershire. His will refers to his wife Mary and children, who are not named. See reference also to John Gaskell's friend William Salmon, who lived in St Michael's in Bedwardine in 1766, contained in the details of John's will in the John Gaskell notes.

John Gaskell:  1748 - 3 December 1778

John was the second son of John and Elizabeth Gaskell. He was baptised on 31st January 1748/49 at St Peter the Great, Worcester.

In 1763 John was bound as an Apprentice to Sam Gamidge of Worcester for £40 as a bookseller.

When his brother, George, moved to London in 1769, John had moved there and was a worry to his mother in that she did not know where he was living or how he was getting on - he is frequently referred to in letters to George from his mother and sister.

He appears in 1772 as executor to the will of his mother Elizabeth and in January 1774 proving the will.

John did not marry and died on Thursday, 3rd December 1778 aged 29.

Elizabeth Gaskell:  1752 - 15 March 1775

Elizabeth was the only daughter of John and Elizabeth Gaskell. She was baptised on 27th November 1752 at St Peter the Great, Worcester.

From the letters, which Elizabeth wrote to her brother, George, when he went to London, she comes over as a kind and caring sister.

On 20th June 1773, Elizabeth married Thomas Taylor at St Peter the Great, Worcester and they had a son:

Richard Taylor was baptised in Ludlow on 6th May 1774. He was mentioned in his Uncle George’s will in 1796. Richard’s will was dated 27th April 1830, gentleman of Ludlow

Elizabeth died on Wednesday, 15th March 1775 and Thomas’s will was dated 4th March 1802, late of Ludlow and probate was granted on 16th November 1803

Captain William Gaskell: 21 July 1755 - 25 May 1822

See following note.

George Gaskell:  21 July 1755 - 1796

See following note


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