Thomas Kynaston



Son of Edward Kynaston and Mary Carter, father of Rev. Thomas Kynaston and husband of Mary Bailey


The age of Thomas at the time of his marriage gives a birth year of c.1665. His baptism is not recorded probably because of the chaos of the plague at that time.


He married, at the age of 32, Mary Bayley then aged 15 and born c.1682, at St Giles in the Fields on 22nd April 1697. The marriage licence of 17th April 1697 states that the marriage took place with the consent of Mary’s mother, Mrs Judith Bayley, widow (of John). Thomas was of St Paul’s, Covent Garden and Mary of St Giles. Mary was buried at St Paul’s Covent Garden on the 22nd June 1709 - she must, therefore, have  died  during or soon after the birth of her  daughter, Judith.


The children of Thomas and Mary are recorded in the following note.


On 20th July 1696, the father of Thomas, Edward, entered into a Trust Deed to the benefit of his son


Thomas was buried at St Paul’s, Covent Garden on 6th August 1719 and his will, dated 28th July 1719 was proved on 7th August 1719. He wished to be buried in his vault “in or near” the church of St Paul, Covent Garden.


To his eldest daughter, Mary, he gave various items in addition to the sum of £3000.00 on her marriage or reaching the age of 21, left to her by “my late father”; she also had two leasehold houses in Field Lane, London “which her grandmother Tisset gave to her”.  She also received from Thomas £50.00 per annum plus various books and plate.


His second daughter Frances received £3000.00 in the same manner as Mary plus £40 per annum and the third daughter, Judith, received the same as Frances.


The rest of the plate was left between Francis, Judith and his son Thomas. 


Various annuities to staff were mentioned and £100.00 was left to his sister Anne and her husband Mr Charles Drew. Two annuities of £50.00 each were left to his “dear sister” Mrs Elizabeth Lake who was given permission to live in Thomas’s “dwelling house” and charged with bringing up Thomas’s three daughters.


£50.00 was left to the Trustees of St Paul’s, Covent Garden Charity School


Thomas appointed his “loving friend” Rev. Thomas Tooke of Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire and Robert Hodson of St Paul’s, Covent Garden as Trustees of his land, messuages, heraditaments and estate for the benefit of his son, Thomas - then aged 14.


On 18th November 1723, a Memorandum was registered with the Bank of England, which referred to £5000 Lottery Annuity Stock of which no mention had been made in the above will. The stock was granted to the two executors and to Thomas's son Thomas - "when he shall demand the same".  Thomas, the son, was appointed executor, which he proved in Doctor's Commons on 15th November 1723.  A note in the margin records the death of Rev. Thomas Tooke, his last will and testament dated 7th December 1719 - he appointed his widow, Ann, to succeed as executor.  A further margin note records the death of Robert Hodson, his last will and testament dated 29th June 1723 - he appointed Robert Hodson (relationship not stated) to succeed as executor.


Thomas Kynaston, the son, proved the death of both original executors in Doctor's Common by way of a separate Bank of England document registered on 24th November 1723.  He thereby had a right to receive £2000 Lottery Annuity Stock - what happened to the other £3000 of Stock is not known.


Information about Thomas comes from research into Parish Records.


The will of Thomas is kept at the Family Records Centre, reference W Prob 11/569 sig 147.


Doctor's Common was a society of ecclesiastical lawyers in the St Paul's Cathedral are of London where records of marriages, licences, divorces and wills were kept until the demolition of their building in 1867.


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