The Children of Thomas Kynaston and Mary Bailey

Mary Kynaston: 1701 Ė 10th December 1777

Mary was baptised at St Paulís, Covent Garden on 1st February 1701/02.

Mary married by licence Henry Southouse Esq. of St Giles, Cripplegate, on 2nd June 1722 at St Antholin Budge Row, London. Henry Southouse was baptised on 4th March 1693, the son of Henry and Elizabeth Southouse. of St Martin in the Fields, a goldwire drawer. By a Marriage Settlement document of 1722, reference is made to £200 left to Mary by her grandparents Edward and Mary Kynaston and £2000 left by her father, Thomas. These figures are slightly different to the figures in Thomas's will of 1719. The document also refers to the two houses in Field Lane, London, left to Mary by her grandmother Tisset.  Her Uncle, Charles Drew and Aunt, Elizabeth Lake, also appear in and sign the document.

They had the following children:

Henry Kynaston Southouse baptised at St Giles, on 7th July 1727. He went to Wormley School under Mr Murdin and entered Sydney College Cambridge as a Fellow Commoner on 25th April 1745.  While at University in 1748, he subscribed to ďA System of Natural Philosophy, being a course of lectures in Mechanics, Optics, Hydrostatics and AstronomyĒ Volume I of Thomas Rutherfordís book of the same year.  He also contributed in the same year to ďA Voyage round the World, 1740-44Ē written by George Anson and published by Richard Walter. Henry obtained his BA in 1748/49.  His will was dated 24th February 1769.  He died in Epsom, Surrey on 22nd December 1772, without issue. His will was proved (PCC) on 7th January 1773.

Elizabeth Southouse baptised at St Giles on 26th April 1724; she may have died young

Elizabeth Southouse baptised on 24th June 1726 may also also have died young for no daughters are mentioned in the fatherís will.

Henry Southouse, according to his will of 1729, was a Soap Maker of Red Cross, St Giles, Cripplegate. He described his trade as ďthe worst and most unprofitable in EnglandĒ He left money to many relatives, including Thomas, Judith and Frances Kynaston. His brother in law, Thomas, was appointed Guardian of young Henry Kynaston. 

Mary died on 10th December 1777.

Edward Kynaston: 1703/04 Ė

Edward was baptised at St Paulís, Covent Garden on 21st January 1703/04. He is not mentioned in Thomasís will and is presumed to have died young, but there is no record of his burial at St Paulís, Covent Garden.

Thomas Kynaston: 1705  Ė 28th April 1764


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Frances Kynaston: 1706 Ė 1763

Frances was baptised at St Paulís, Covent Garden on 27th October 1706. Frances married Thomas Spencer Esq. of York, by Vicar General's licence of 24th March 1729/30. They had three children:

Rev Thomas Spencer - friend and kinsman of Thomas Kynaston baptised on 20th March 1739 in York, Yorkshire and died in 1804

James Spencer baptised in York on 24th August 1740 and died on 14th June 1766

Mary Spencer who died on 26th December 1766.

Frances died in 1763

Charles Kynaston: 1708 -


Charles was baptised at St Paulís, Covent Garden on 17th March 1707/08, not mentioned in Thomasís will and presumed to have died young, but there is no record of his burial at St Paulís, Covent Garden

Judith Kynaston: 1709 - 1770

Judith was baptised at St Paulís, Covent Garden on 7th June 1709.  The will of Judith, who did not marry, was dated 17th January 1769 and proved on 12th March 1770.  She was then living in Epsom, Surrey.  She wished to be buried at Panfield and was, on 7th March 1770, aged 59.  The fact that she wished to be buried at Panfield suggests that she may have lived with her brother, Thomas, until he died. In her will she goes on to mention her nephews: Henry Kynaston Southouse and Thomas Kynaston to whom she left annuities at 3% on £1000 each , Rev. Thomas Spencer to whom she left £400 on the same terms and James Spencer to whom she left £30; an identical sum was left to her sister Mary Southouse and her god-daughter and niece (Great niece) Elizabeth Kynaston, who married William Gaskell.  Her nephew, Thomas Kynaston was the executor.

Information about baptisms, marriages etc comes from research into Parish Records and LDS data

The will of Judith Kynaston is kept at the Family Records Centre, reference Prob 11/956

Information on Henry Kynaston Southouse comes from Alumni Cantabriensis  


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