Edward Kynaston



Son of Thomas Kynaston and Susan Morris, father of Thomas Kynaston and husband of Mary Carter


Edward was baptised at St Antholin, Budge Row, London on 13th September 1629


Edward, gentleman, married Mary Carter at St Giles in the Fields Church, Middlesex on 6th March 1661/62. According to the marriage licence of 27th February 1661/62 Mary, spinster, was the daughter of Henry Carter of St Giles.


Children of Edward and Mary, baptised at St Giles were:


John Kynaston born on 1st January and baptised on 14th January 1663/34


Thomas Kynaston born c. 1665


Elizabeth Kynaston baptised on 17th December 1665 and married a Mr Lake. Mr Lake is not mentioned in Thomas's will of 1719. He probably died before 1719. Elizabeth signs the Marriage Settlement of 1722 between Ann's niece, Mary and Henry Southouse


Arabella Kynaston baptised on 7th August 1668


Mary Kynaston baptised on 15th September 1669


Ann Kynaston born c.1674 but baptism not found married Charles Drew, a Merchant, on 3rd May 1698 at St Bartholomew the Less, London, following a licence granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury on 14th May 1697, when Anne was 23 and Charles 34 and, according to the marriage entry, both were of St Paulís, Covent Garden. Ann and Charles are mentioned in Thomas's will of 1719 and Charles is mentioned in the Marriage Settlement of 1722 between Thomas's daughter, Mary and Henry Southouse.


Within the will of Charles, dated 3rd March 1724/25, he referred to the consort (agreement) with Mrs Elizabeth Lake, his sister-in-law, which was to be fulfilled; also the contents of a paper signed by Charles to his servant Ann, both before any distribution was made. Then to his nephew Thomas Kinnaston his wrought bed, silver cup and all his pictures. To his nephew Richard Drew, son of his late brother, Walter Drew, £200. To Mrs Elizabeth lake, Mr Henry Southouse Jun; and Mrs Mary Southouse, Mrs ? and Judith Kinnaston, his nieces £10 for mourning.  Thomas Kynaston, then aged c.20, and others were appointed executors. The rest of the estate was divided between the children of his late brother, Rowland Drew, and the children of his sister Winifred Bones


Henry Kynaston baptised on 25th March 1682


James Kynaston baptised on 2nd March 1684/85


In 1696 Edward entered into a Trust deed to give his son Thomas, a Mercer, £4000


Edwardís burial service was on 29th July 1712, at St Giles, and his body was moved to St Paulís Covent Garden for burial on 30th July 1712


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