Thomas Carveth



Son of Stephen Carveth and Ann ?, father of Richard Carveth and husband of Ann Bassett


Thomas was baptised in St Enoder on 31st November 1664 and married Ann Bassett in St Enoder on 31st December1692.


Ann was baptised in St Enoder on 26th September 1675, the daughter of Richard Bassett.  Other children of Richard were Ann, baptised on 4th December 1677; Richard, baptised on 12th May 1680 and Grace, baptised on 10th October 1693. 


Thomas and Ann had at least five children


Thomas Corveath baptised on 1st January 1693/94 in St Enoder. He married Amy Retallack on 25th July 1724 in Ladock. Amy was the Daughter of Bennett Retallack and Katherine of Ladock, baptised on 5th August 1696 in Ladock. They had seven surviving children.


Amy Corveath born 1724


Catherine Corveath  baptised 7th October 1726


Joan Corveath baptsied 24th October 1729


Bennet Corveath  baptised 13th February 1728


Ann Corveath  baptised 11th June 1725


Thomas Corveath  baptised 18th September 1735


Abigail Corveath  baptised 6th June 1737


Thomas was buried in Probus on 15th May 1743


Eugabeus Corveath baptised on 22nd June 1695 in Ladock and was buried aged 2 on 30th June 1697, also in Ladock


Stephen Carveth baptised on 14th November 1702 in Ladock. Stephen; in 1733 of Erme, married Elizabeth Cothey of Creed on 9th December 1733. He was a tenat in 1747 of land in Bartelivar. Carvossa.  Richard and Elizabeth had five children.  Stephen was buried in Probus on 30th April 1753


Abigail Corveath baptised in Ladock in August 1700 and married Henry Retallack on 30th January 1723/24 in Ladock


Richard Carveth baptised 19th August 1705 - see note


Ann was buried in Ladock on 30th June 1707


Thomas secondly married Temperance Webb at Ladock on 23rd June 1716 and they had a son,


John Carveth baptised on 21st April 1719. 


Temperance died in 1743.


Thomas was buried in St Enoder on 21st March 1737/38

The above data comes from a detailed family tree prepared by Pauline Duinka of Canada in the late 1970ís, Parish records and a family tree provided by Dr Joan Fitt

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