Stephen Carveth

Son of Eusabius Carveth and Elizabeth Lucas (Luke), father of Thomas Carveth and husband of Abygail (Ann)

Stephen was baptised on 26th December 1619 in St Enoder.

Stephen and Abygail (Ann) had at least two surviving children:

Eusabius Carveth borne c.1662 in St Enoder and married Tabitha Cundey, Daughter of Richard and Margaret, of St Enoder on 26th December 1685. Eusabius and Tabitha had at least five surviving children:

Abigail Carveth who was baptised on 19th May 1690 in Ladock

Stephen Carveth who was baptised on 23rd June 1695 at St Enoder and died aged 19 in 1714

Tabytha Carveth who was baptised on 20th February 1697 at St Enoder and died in 1699

Eusabius Carveth who was baptised c.1700/01. He married firstly Mary Warren on 31st August 1723 in St Enoder. Mary was baptized on 1st August 1702 and  buried in St Enoder on 4th July 1728. They had the following children:

Tabitha Carveth baptized on 26th June 1724 in St Enoder

Stephen Carveth baptized on 27th December 1725 in St Enoder  and buried in June 1730

Joan Carveth baptized on 14th October 1727 in St Enoder

Mary Carveth born in 1730 and buried in 1731 in St Enoder

Eusabius secondly married Anne Varcoe on 2nd July 1730 in St Enoder and she died in November 1736. They had the following child

Eusabius Carveth who was born on 26th August 1732 in St Enodor. He married Dorothy Julyan on 28th March 1758 at St Ewe. They had nine children

Anne Carveth who was baptised on 3rd March 1702 in St Enoder and married Alex Skewes in 1723 in St Enoder.

Eusabius was buried in St Enoder on 19th May 1731

Thomas Carveth baptised 31st November 1664 see notes

In his will of 1700 he left, inter alia, to his son Thomas Carveth, Burgens Tenement with the oxen, house and barne with a great chest therein and a pair of barne houses therein. More I do give unto him the sum of three pounds and I do give and bequeath unto his wife Ann Carveth the sum of two pounds.

No record of his marriage has been found.

Stephen was buried in St Enoder on 11th February 1699/1700.

The above data comes from a detailed family tree prepared by Pauline Duinka of Canada in the late 1970s, Parish records and a family tree provided by Dr Joan Fitt

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