Dr William Henry Hugo

Son of Dr. Thomas Hugo and Jane Arundel Philip,  father of Horatia Octavia Hugo and husband of Stowe Margaret Temple


William was baptised at Holy Cross Church, Crediton on 21st February 1815


The City of London Guildhall Library has the records of The Society of Apothecaries which record William Henry Hugo in the Court of Examiners entry book of qualification of candidates for the licentiateship for 12th January 1837, and show that he was the son of  Thomas Hugo of Crediton, Devon, also an Apothecary, with whom he served a 5 year apprenticeship; he commenced lectures in October 1834 and attended for 15 months at the Public Dispensary. His baptism is confirmed as 21st February 1815 and testimonials of moral character (not survived) were given by his father and Rev. Jonathan Montey.


On 11th June 1839 William married Stowe Margaret Temple at The Parish Church, Crediton, Devon


Witnesses at the wedding were:


Frederick Temple - brother of Margaret and later Archbishop of Canterbury

Catherine Temple - sister of Margaret and later Mrs Moberly

Louise Temple - relationship to Margaret not known

Jennatte Dawe - relationship not known

Frances Hugo - relationship to William not known


The marriage is recorded in The Gentleman's Magazine, as follows: At Crediton, William Henry Hugo esq. to Stowe Margaret, dau of the late Major Temple, Governor of Sierra Leone, niece of Admiral Temple.


According to the 1841 Census, William, aged 30, was living at Oxon House, Culmstock, Devon.  He was a surgeon and living with his wife, Stowe, and his first daughter, Laura T Hugo and 1, and the following members of Stowe's family and others


Anne Thorold aged 3

Dorcas Temple, aged 50, mother of Stowe of independent means

Catherine Temple, aged 25, sister of Stowe

Jennatte Temple, aged 20, sister of Stowe

John Carter, aged 30 of independent means

Plus 5 sevants


William and Margaret had the following children


The following information was found in The Medical Directories, 1847 - 1878 (1847 is the first year for listing provincial doctors) in the Wellcome Medical Library,


1847 - 1854.


William Henry Hugo, Crediton Devon L.S.A, 1837 Certifying Surgeon under the Factories Act.


Also listed under the Poor Law Medical Staff "Crediton Union, Newton St Cyr's and Workhouse, W H Hugo".



1.L.S.A. - Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries.

2. The years 1853 and 1854 were asterisked indicating that William had not confirmed his address in those years. It is probable, therefore, that he moved at that time.


1855 - 1856

WHH Proprietor of Longwood House Lunatic Asylum, Long Ashton, near Bristol and 63 Park Street, Bristol.



WHH 202 Bute Road, Cardiff.


1858 - 1868

WHH Bute Road, Cardiff. Late Proprietor and Medical Superintendent, Longwood House Asylum, Long Ashton, Bristol.


1868 - 1870

244 Bute Road, Cardiff.


1871 - 1872

13 Royal Arcade, Cardiff.


1873 - 1877

Shaldon, Teignmouth, Devon: Clifford House - see notes of daughter, Horatia.



Obituary: LSA of Shaldon, Devon, died 26th August (1877) age 62.


The 1851 Census for Crediton, Devon has William aged 39? and Margaret aged 40 living at 56 High Street.  William’s employment is noted as Licentiate, Apothecaries Hall General Practitioner and he was born in Crediton. The children then resident and all born in Crediton were Laura, Isabella, Charlotte and Emily


It is interesting to note that Hugh Selwyn Gaskell believed, according to his "memoirs", that William died when his daughter, Horatia, was still quite young. This is clearly not the case. Nor is it clear, with so many moves, how "Mrs Hugo ran the school” and it must have been running while Dr Hugo was still alive.


According to the 1861 Census, William was living at 244 Bute Road, Cardiff with his wife, Stowe and children:- Isabella, aged 19; Margaret, aged 15; Charlotte, aged 14; Horatia, aged 9 and a servant


The 1871 Census has the family living at Stowe Drive, Roath, Glamorgan.  William was aged 58 and Stow Margaret 59; Charlotte aged 24 was a Governess. Emily aged 21 and Horatia aged 19 were also present but not employed and there was one servant.


William’s will, dated 25th August 1877, was proven by his wife, Stowe Margaret Hugo on 14th September 1877 and confirms that he lived at Clifford House, Shaldon, Devon.  His Personal Estate was valued at under £1500 His will left all to his wife and on her death to his daughter Emily Jane Hugo on condition that she was always ready to afford a temporary home to her sisters in case of sickness.  His wife was appointed Executor and daughter, Laura Temple Hugo, Trustee to her younger sister Emily Jane.


Note: A Francis H. M Hugo wrote that he met Margaret Hugo MA  several times when at Oxford as an undergraduate and she gave him a lot of information about her descent from Rev. Walter Hugo, a distinguished Clergyman, who settled in Devon, dying in 1741; he was the founder of a dynasty of Clerics and Medics in Devon, for a short while, Lords of the Manor of Dunchideock.


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