The Children of Octavius Temple and Dorcas Carveth

Anne Laura Temple:  30 March 1806 - 1872

Anne was born in Probus and baptised there on 13th May 1806. She married a Mr Thorold and died in Plymouth in 1872

Margaret Temple: 1808 -                                           

Margaret was baptised on 18th February 1808 in St Austell and died young

William Octavius Temple: 14 April 1809 -

William was born in Bradford, Yorkshire. He married ?

Stowe Margaret Temple: 7 August 1811 - 1900

See Stow Margaret Temple note

Catherine Temple: 6 August 1812 - 11 August 1892

Catherine was born on 6th August 1812 in Malta.. She married Rev. Robert Charles Edward Moberly, known as Charles, of Rugby, on 3rd July 1849.  Charles was born on 18th May 1820 in Newington, Middlesex, the son of William Moberly and Anna Prescott; he attended Balliol College, Oxford, matriculating on 8th March 1837 aged 16. He was a Scholar from 1838 until 1844 and graduated BA in 1841 and MA in 1856. He was Assistant Master at Rugby School from 1859 until 1879, then Rector of Coln Rogers , Gloucestershire from 1874 until 1883.  Charles died on 19th July 1893

According to the 1841 Census, Catherine was living her sister Stowe and her husband Dr William Henry Hugo at Oxon House, Culmstock, Devon.  Also present were her mother and sister, Jennatta.

According to the 1851 Census, Charles was Priest and Schoolmaster at Park House School, New Shoreham, Shoreham, Sussex, aged 30 born in Newington, Middlesex,.with Catherine aged 37 and their son

William Octavius Moberly aged 5 months. He attended Rugby School and Balliol College, Oxford, matriculating on 21st October 1868, aged 18. He graduated BA in 1873 and MA in 1877. He was Assistant Master at Clifton College

Plus 5 servants

According to the 1861 Census, Catherine and Charles were living at 24 Bilton Road, Rugby.  Charles was a “Cleryman with care of the Souls”. Catherine was 47 and Charles 40.  Children present were:-

   William Moberly aged 10

Mary Moberly aged 9

Frances D Moberly aged 7

Plus Charles’s sister and brother and two servants

According to the 1871 Census, Charles aged 50 and Catherine aged 58, were living in Hillicirton Road, Rugby. Charles was then a “Clergyman without care of souls” and was a Master at Rugby School. His house was a School boarding house.  Their son, William aged 20, was the only child present and he was an undergraduate at Oxford University.

According to the 1881 Census, Charles aged 60 and Catherine aged 68, were living at The Rectory, Coln Rogers, Gloucestershire . Charles was the Rector.  Their daughter Frances, aged 27, was the only child there

According to the 1891 Census they were living at 7 Stanley Road, Cowley, Oxford , Catherine aged 78 and Charles 70.  Catherine’s niece, Isabella Hugo, was with them at the time

Catherine died on 11th August 1892 aged 79.  She died in the Headington Registration District

Charles died in mid 1893 aged 73, also in Headington

Francis Temple: 8 April 1814 - 1830

Francis, known as Frank, was born at Kea and baptised in St Michael Penkivel, Cornwall on 3rd May 1814. He drowned at sea before the family returned to England in 1830

Jennatta Octavia Temple: 1810 - 16 August 1890                         

Baptised on 17th March 1819 at Canterbury, Kent and known as “Miss Temple”.

According to the 1841 Census, Jennatta was living her sister Stowe and her husband Dr William Henry Hugo at Oxon House, Culmstock, Devon.  Also present were her mother and sister, Catherine

According to the 1851 Census, Jennetta, was living with her brother Frederick and mother, Dorcas at Kneller Hall, Twickenham.  Frederick, Principal and Chaplain of Kneller Hall, was 29; Dorcas 64 was a former Officer’s wife and Jennetta 32 was “at home”

According to the 1861 Census, Jennetta was living with her brother, Frederick, at School House, Rugby, aged 42 and not employed. 

In 1871 Jennetta was still living with her brother, Frederick, in Palace Street, Exeter, Devon, where Frederick was then Bishop. She died on 16th August 1890 in Tunbridge Wells

Frederick Temple: 30 November 1821 - 23 December 1902

Frederick was born in Santa Maura, the Ionian Islands and baptised by George Winort, Chaplain of the Forces, on 8th December 1822.

30th November 1821 in Santa Maura, the Ionian Islands and baptised by George Winort, Chaplain of the Forces, on 8th He attended Blundell’s School, Tiverton, Devon and entered Balliol College, Cambridge on October 12th 1838, obtaining a BA in 1842, MA in 1847, BD and DD in 1858.  He was Fellow and Tutor of Balliol from 1842 to 48.  Frederick was ordained Deacon at Oxford in 1846, becoming a priest in 1847. According to the 1851 Census he was aged 29 and resident at Kneller Hall, Twickenham as Principal and Chaplain. His mother Dorcas and sister Jennetta were also present as were William and Margaret Hugo, young children of his sister, Stowe Margaret Temple  From 1857 to 69, he was Dean of the Chapel Royal and Headmaster of Rugby School; Bishop of Exeter from 1869 to 1885, in which year he was granted an honorary DD by St Andrews University.  From 1885 to 96, Frederick was Bishop of London and finally, from 1896 until his death he was Archbishop of Canterbury. He married Beatrice Blanche Lascelles, daughter of Rt. Hon. William Sebright Lascelles MP, on 24th August 1876 and died on 23rd December 1902.  They had two children:

Frederick Charles Temple who was born in 1879 in Exeter.  He was a District Engineer in India and married Frances ? and they had a son

Frederick Stephen Temple, who was born on 24th November 1916 in Patna, India. He went to Rugby School and Balliol College Oxford. He was ordained deacon on 1947 and priest in 1948; Rector of St Agnes, Birch from 1951- 1953; Dean of Hong Kong from 1953-1959; Senior Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1959-1961; Vicar, St Mary's, Portsea from 1961-1970; Archdeacon of Swindon from 1970- 1973; Suffragn Bishop of Malmesbury from 1973-1983; Honorary Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Bristol 1983-2000. He married Joan Catherine Webb in 1949 and  died in Swindon on 26th November 2000

William Temple who was born in Exeter on 15th October 1881.   He married Frances Gertrude Acland in 1916. He followed in his father's footsteps as Archbishop of Canterbury.  William died on 22nd October 1944. see Attachment for more information

Lieutenant Colonel John Temple: 19 July 1823 - 23 December 1866

John was born at Santa Maura, Ionian Islands and baptised by George Winort, Chaplain of the Forces, on 23rd November 1823. He married Emma Madge, the daughter of Edward Henry Madge and Mary Ann Riley. They had four children 

Frederick Temple

Catherine Temple born on 19th October 1850 and baptised in French Rocks, Tamil Nadu, India on 15th December 1850

Colonel John Temple born c.1853. He married Sophia Jane Carrington and they had eight children

John Temple who married Lillian Cooper

Major Thomas Temple who changed his surname to Temple-Carrington to inherit Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire. He married Delia Rynes

Netta Jane Temple

Dora Sophia Temple was baptised on 4th  April 1886, according to the India Office Ecclesiastical returns - Bengal Presidency. Dora married F Cooper

Robert Temple

Brigadier Edward Temple born in 1889. He married "Daisy" Rivett-Carnac, His senior army career was as follows

1936 - 1938 Chief Instructor at Military College of Science

1938 - 1939 Member of Ordnance Board, War Office

1939 - 1941 Chief Superintendent of Design, Ministry of Supply

Brigadier General George Temple MC born on 22nd August 1889 and baptised on 8th September 1889 in Kamptee, West Bengal. He married Edith Jessie Fraser. From 1936 until 1938 he was Chief Instructor at the Military College of Science; from 1938 until 1939 he was a member of the Ordnance Board, War Office; from 1939 until 1941 he was Chief Superintendent of Design, Ministry of Supply

Major General Bertram Temple CB, CMG, OBE, MC born in 1896.He married Dulcibella Radcliffe. His career was as follows

Bertram was commissioned in December 1914. He was wounded in September 1915 and posted to 8th Battalion in June 1917. Bertram was Awarded MC & Bar, and Japanese Order of the Rising Sun. He Served in the War Office 1924-28, rejoined to the 1st Battalion in Egypt and Singapore. He passed Staff College in 1933, appointed Brigade Major, TA. and Regular Brigade 1935-39. Brevet Lt-Colonel in 1939 (War Office) and posted to GHQ Middle East in 1941 as a Staff Officer. After the war he served in GHQ India and then the War Office as Director of Staff Duties. He was Aide-de-Camp to the King from 1948-49 and promoted to Major-General in 1949. Bertram was Head of Military Mission to Burma from 1949 to 1952 and was appointed CMG for service in Burma. He retired Sept. 1952 and settled in Hythe. He died at Hythe, 27th March 1973, aged 76.

Agnes Temple born c.1854

According to the 1861 Census, John was staying with his brother, Frederick, and his mother, at School House, Rugby. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Madras Army.  His children present were: Catherine, aged 10; John, aged 8; and Agnes, aged 7

John divorced Emma in 1862 and the court case for the divorce was reported upon in the Times of Thursday, 27th March 1862

John died in a boating accident in Madras, India on 23rd December 1866 - see Attachment for details of John's life in Madras and the boating accident


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