Timothy West Aireton

Son of Timothy Airton and Sarah Smith, father of Richard Long Aireton and husband of Elizabeth ?

Timothy West Airton was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and baptised on 29th June 1792.

Timothy married an Elizabeth ? around 1808/09 - the marriage has not yet been found.

They had the following children all baptised in Stevenage, Hertfordshire:

George Aireton baptised on 26th February 1809

Mary Aireton baptised on 16th February 1812         

Richard Long Aireton baptised on 20th December 1812

On the baptism of his children, Timothy's job is recorded as Postboy, the same job as that of his father.


At this time in history, a Postboy was a Postman, somewhat like today but could also be a courier.


There is only one Airton family in Stevenage over the period 1775 to 1820.  In fact Airton/Aireton/Ayrton was a most uncommon name in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire but extremely common in Yorkshire.


Timothy is also a most unusual Christian name at thus time - apart from Timothy's father, there are no other Airtons with the name Timothy listed in the IGI index. The IGI index is on the Internet at www.familysearch.org.


I ma very confident that this Timothy is the son of Timothy and Sarah, given the location and the very very uncommon Surname and Christian name.


The baptisms of the children all record the parents as Timothy and Elizabeth Airton.


Baptism, marriage and burial and Banns, where available, Registers for St Nicholas, Stevenage 1775 - 1820.

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