Timothy Aireton

Father of Timothy West Airton and husband of Sarah Smith

Timothy Airton was from Hatfield, Hertfordshire and born c.1760. He married, by Banns, Sarah Smith of the same Parish - St Ethelreda, Hatfield - on 22nd May 1783.  Timothy signed his name but Sarah made her mark

Timothy and Sarah had the following children all baptised at St Nicholas Church, Stevenage, Hertfordshire:

Richard West Aireton baptised on 18th April 1785

Fanny West Aireton baptised on 26th December 1788 and married William Gayler on 8th April 1806 in Stevenage                                          

Timothy West Aireton baptised on 29th June 1792 – see Timothy West details

William West Aireton baptised on 6th January 1795

John West Aireton baptised on 24th September 1797

Sarah Aireton died at 11days and buried in the Churchyard on 13th January 1799, without being baptised

Throughout the baptisms, Timothy's job was listed as Postboy, the same job which his son had in the early 1800s.


At this time in history, a Postboy was a Postman, somewhat like today but could also be a courier.

The baptisms of the children all record the parents as Timothy and Sarah Airton

Timothy son, Timothy, married about 1808 when he was 16 - while unusual this was not uncommon at this time.

Where "West" comes from I do not know, possibly Timothy’s mother's maiden name - more research necessary


Baptism, marriage and burial and Banns, where available, Registers for St Nicholas, Stevenage 1775 - 1820

Marriage Register for St Ethelreda, Hatfield 178 - 1790 - more research necessary


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