Richard Long Aireton

Son of Timothy West Airton and Elizabeth Aireton, father of Richard Aireton and husband of Elizabeth Elliman

Richard Long Aireton was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and baptised there on 20th December 1812, the son of Timothy and Elizabeth Aireton.

Richard was living in Old Warden by 1834, when his Banns were called for the first time on 1st August 1834 with Elizabeth Elliman of Southill, Bedfordshire. They married in Southill on 6th October 1834.

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children all baptised at St Leonard's Church, Old Warden, except Martha; noted in red is Richard's employment at the time of each baptism and the village in which the family was living

Richard Aireton of Northill , Bedfordshire baptised on 2nd July 1837 Domestic Servant

Fanny Aireton of Old Warden baptised on 7th April 1838. She married James Larkin at Old Warden 20th May 1861   Servant to the Honourable Frederic Ongley of Old Warden

Elizabeth Aireton of Northill baptised on 30th May 1841

Mary Aireton of Northill  baptised on 2nd July 1843. Groom

Jane Aireton of Old Warden baptised on 7th September 1845.Servant

Rebecca Aierton of Old Warden baptised on 10th October 1847. Servant

Louisa Aierton of Old Warden baptised on 9th February 1851. Domestic Servant

George Elliman Aireton of Barkway, Hertfordshire born 1852 and baptised on 29th October 1852   

In the 1901 Census, George is a Lodging House Keeper in Hampstead, London. Publican

Martha Aireton baptised on 30th September1855 at Royston, Hertfordshire  living in Barkway

The 1841 Census for Northill has Richard, - Male Servant - and Elizabeth with Richard junior, aged 4, Fanny, aged 2 and Elizabeth aged one month; at home.

The 1851 Census has the following in 9 Church End, Old Warden.

Richard aged 37, Coachman born in Stevenage

Elizabeth aged 34, born in Old Warden

Richard aged 13, Agricultural Labourer born in Northill

Fanny aged 12, Straw Plaiter born in Northill

Elizabeth aged 10, Straw Plaiter born in Northill

Mary aged 7, Scholar born in Northill

Jane aged 5, born in Old Warden

Rebecca aged 3, born in Old Warden

Louisa aged 2, born in Old Warden

Richard and Elizabeth moved to Barkway soon after the 1851 Census. 

After 1855 and before the Census of 1861 the family had moved to Shortmead Street, Biggleswade - the fourth of six houses.  The following were in the house in 1861:

Richard aged 47, Coachman, born in Stevenage

Elizabeth aged 44, Laundress, born in Southill (note different birth village to 1851)

Richard aged 23, Gamekeeper, born in Northill

Jane aged 15, Laundress, born in Northill

Louisa aged 10, Scholar, born in Southill (note different birth village to 1851)

George Elliman born  mid 1852, he was aged 8 in 1861, a scholar, born in Barkway. According to the 1901 Census George E, aged 48,and his wife Sarah, aged 41 and born in Whittington, Lancashire, were living at 12 Boundary Road, Hampstead, London. George was a Lodging House Keeper. They had two servants, a visitor and two boarders.

Martha Aireton aged 6, Scholar, born in Barkway

On the marriage of his son, Richard, in 1864, Richard Long Aireton was still noted as a Coachman of Biggleswade.

The 1871 Census has the family living in Bensons Row, Biggleswade. The following were in the house:

Richard aged 57, Coachman, born in Stevenage

Elizabeth aged 54, Laundress, born in Warden (note different birth village again to 1861)

Rebecca aged 23, Laundress, born in Warden

Martha aged 16, Dressmaker, born in Barkway

Louisa Fanny Aireton aged 5, granddaughter, baptised in Biggleswade on 31st December 1865, the illegitimate daughter of Rebecca.  She married in mid 1890

Elizabeth died in 1878 and was buried in Biggleswade on 19th June 1878.  There is no record of her burial in the 1957 schedule of Memorial Inscriptions.

The 1881 Census has the family still living in Bensons Row with the following in the house:

Richard aged 67, Widower, Coachman, born in Stevenage

Rebecca aged 33, Laundress, born in Warden

Louisa aged 15, now called daughter

Frederick Arthur  Aireton aged 5, called a son, but illegitimate son of Rebecca, born on 28th November 1875 and baptised in Biggleswade on 9th January 1876. 

Alice B Aireton aged 1, born in Biggleswade but no record of baptism - probably another child of Rebecca, although called a daughter.  Alice Bessie died aged 2 and was buried in Biggleswade on 5th March 1882

Plus one servant who was a Laundry Assistant

The 1891 Census has the family living in the only property in Saffron Road, Biggleswade, with the following in the house:

Rebecca  Head of the house, Aged 43, Laundress, born in Old Warden

Frederick Arthur Son (now of Rebecca) aged 15 attending Board School in Biggleswade, born in Biggleswade

Richard father, aged 77, widower born in Stevenage

Plus two servants

Richard died in 1892, aged 80, and was buried in Biggleswade on 11th February 1892. There is no record of his burial in the 1957 schedule of Memorial Inscriptions. Richard died 6 years after his son, Richard.

The 1901 Census has Rebecca living alone, aged 53, still in Saffron Road, Biggleswade, her employment noted as "laundress was employed at home". Frederick, Rebecca's son, is a Schoolmaster in Croydon


The Spelling of Aireton or Airton varies from document to document

Straw plaiting was a common cottage industry in the 19th century

Richard's surname was spelt Aireton on all documents and records

Old Warden, Northill and Southill are neighbouring villages in South Bedfordshire

Biggleswade, a small town, is in South Bedfordshire

Barkway is a very small village south East of Royston in North Hertfordshire

Old Warden, Southill and Northill Parish Registers were checked for the baptism of Elizabeth Elliman but nothing was foiund.

Aireton is quite a common name in Yorkshire, but nowhere else in the country


Census returns for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891

Baptism, Banns and Marriage records for Old Warden, Southill, Northill, Royston, Barkway, Biggleswade and Stevenage


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