John Ellis


Son of Joseph Ellis and Ann Cooper, father of John Ellis and husband of Susannah Quinby

John was born in Weeford, Staffordshire on 5th July 1852 and baptised on 8th August in Weedford.  His father was a Coachman, then living at Thickbroom Cottage, Weeford, near Lichfield.

In 1871, according to the Census, John was still living with his parents and sisters in St Johnís Street, St Maryís, Lichfield. See Johnís fatherís note for more information.

John married Susannah Quinby on 30th June 1877 at the Register Office, Lichfield.  John was a Coach driver, living in St John Street, Lichfield, the son of Joseph, a Coachman.  Susannah was aged 18, born in Armitage, Staffs, but in 1877 also of St John Street, the daughter of Ralph Quinby, a Railway Plate Layer and Harriet Wheeler.

At the time of his son Johnís birth, in 1879, he was an Omnibus Driver.

The 1881 Census has John still living in St John Street, in the Parish of St Mary, Lichield.  John, aged 28 was a Buss. Driver and Susannah aged 20, born in the village of Armitage, Staffs.  Their only child at this time was:

John Ellis aged 1, born on 13th July 1879

According to the 1891 Census, John, aged 38, was living at 28 Wade Street with Susan.  He was then a Bus Driver (Groom).  The following children were in the house, all born in Lichfield 

John Ellis aged 11

Ada Ellis aged 9

Frank Ellis aged 7

Flora Ellis aged 3

Ethel Ellis aged 8 months. Ethel died, aged 3 in 1894

In the 1901 Census, John, aged 48 and Susannah, aged 40, were still living at 28 Wade Street, Lichfield in 4 rooms. John was a Bus Driver.  The following children were in the house, all born in Lichfield:

John Ellis aged 21, a Grocerís Assistant

Ada Griffin Ellis aged 19

Francis J Ellis aged 17, a Grocerís Assistant

Florrie  Ellis aged13

George Ellis aged 8

Edith M Ellis  aged 6. Edith married and had a daughter Edith.  From their home in Wade Street Edith senior and her younger sister Rose ran the Lichfield Telephone Exchange

Arthur E Ellis aged 4

Rosie Ellis  aged 2 Ė see Edith above

Johnís grandson, Arthur, wrote that he believed John to have been employed by a Lichfield Hotel and his job was to drive a pony and trap between the hotel and the Trent Valley Railway Station

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