Joseph Ellis


Father of John Ellis and husband of Ann Cooper

Joseph was born in Southgate, Middlesex in 1809.  According to the 1851 Census, he was living in one of the Cottages known as Thickbroom Cottages, Weeford, near Lichfield, Staffordshire.  He was a Coachman, aged 42, with his wife Ann, aged 37; Ann was born in St Mary’s, Lichfield.  Ann was baptised at St Mary’s, Litchfield on 10th April 1816, the daughter of Thomas and Ann Cooper. There were two of their children present in 1851

George Ellis aged 13, a scholar, born in Middlesex, London (possibly Sep Q 1837 Edmonton 3/44)

Mary Ann Ellis aged 8, born in Weeford, but not baptised in Weeford until 11th August 1850

At the time of his son John’s birth in 1852, Joseph had the same job and was living in the same property.

The family must have moved from London to Staffordshire between 1838 and 1843

According to the 1861 Census, Joseph was the Publican of “The Coat of Lichfield Arms”, in Conduit Street, Lichfield.  He was then aged 52 and Ann his wife was aged 40  (not correct). At home were the following children

Mary Ann Ellis aged 10

John Ellis aged 8 and born in Thickbroom on 5th July 1852

Francis Ellis aged 6, born in Thickbroom, Weeford and baptised on 13th July 1854

Rosa Harriett Ellis born in Thickbroom, Weeford and baptised on 6th September 1857

They family had one servant and 3 lodgers

According to the 1871 Census, Joseph was aged 62, had returned to being a Coachman; Ann, his wife was aged 52 (still not correct), a Coachman’s wife; Also present were the following children, all born in Weeford:-

Margaret Ellis aged 20 and a Miliness – was her name changed from Mary Ann?

John Ellis aged 18 and a Groom

Rose Ellis aged 13 and a Scholar

Joseph died, aged 68, in St John’s Street, St Mary’s, Lichfield on 21st May 1877. He was still a Coachman and the informant was Rosa Ellis, his daughter, then of 13 Peal Street, Walsall.

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