The Children of Richard Carveth and Margaret Andrew



Thomas Carveth baptised on 13th June 1771


Rev. Richard Carveth baptised on 15th February 1773 and later of Elmore Court, Gloucestershire, married Esther Day at Padstow on 13th January 1798.   He was the Vicar of Elmore. Richard and Esther had the following children all baptised in Elmore.


George Carveth  baptised on 25th April 1799.  He married Hannah Stroud on 1st March 1819 in Elmore. George was a farmer and schoolmaster. George died on 1st April 1872 in Twickenham, Middlesex and was buried on 5th April 1872 in Elmore.  Hannah died on 7th July 1864 in Berkely and was buried on 11th July 1864 in Elmore


Richard Carveth  baptised on 23rd October 1800.  He married Susannah Daniel on 6th June 1824.  Susannah was born in 1802 and died in Gloucester and buried in Elmore on 25th July 1841.


Esther Carveth baptised on 22nd December 1803


James Carveth baptised on 13th July 1805 and buried on 7th July 1829 in Elmore


Maria Carveth baptised on 22nd October 1808


Ann Carveth baptised on 27th January 1811.  She married George Albert Carlow, a Catholic lawyer in Ireland, born in 1808 in County Armagh..  The couple eloped on a ship to Quebec, Canada. They had seven children:


William Carlow  born c.1837 in Canada


Mary Carlow born in 1841 in Canada and died on 20th February 1850 aged 9


Esther Louise Carlow born c. 1842 in Canada.  She married William Sanders. In 1879 they were living in Custer County Colorado


Albert Carlow born c. 1844 in Canada


Isabella Carlow born c. 1846 in Canada. She married James Lynch.  According to her father will, written in 1872, they were living in Woodbury County, Iowa


Frederick Carlow born December 1850 in Canada and died on 5th July 1856


Anna Carlow born c. 1854 in Canada. She married William Craig


According to the 1851 Census, George was a farmer living with his wife Ann and children - William, Louise, Albert, Isabella and Frederick. They lived  in Douro Township, Peterborough, Ontario. 


Ann died in Otonabee Township on 28th March 1865 and was buried on 30th March 1865 in  Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario.with her children, Mary and Frederick


According to the 17th August 1870 USA Census for Colfax Township, Daviss County, Missouri, George, aged 63 was living with his children William, Albert, Isabella and Anna


George died on 3rd February 1872 in Kidder, Missouri


Henry Carveth baptised on 27th July 1813.  He married Martha Daniel in 1840 in Elmore and they emigrated to Douro, Canada, with their daughter


Elizabeth Carveth born c. 1840 in England and died on 18th February 1930


According to the Census for Douro Township, Henry , aged 28, was living in a loghouse with Martha, also 28 and the following children:


Elizabeth Carveth aged 11 She married Louis Boorland on 17th December 1863 in Drouro.  Louis was born on 4th April 1826 in Barboigh, Scorn, Ayrshire, Scotland  and baptised there on 16th April 1826. Louis was a Miller and he died on 4th April 1897 in Peterborough, Ontario and Elizabeth died on 18th February 1930 in Peterborough. 


Henry Carveth born c. 1842 in Canada. He married Frances Gertrude Houlihan, who was born in Peterborough, Ontario in 1854 and died on 24th January 1843 in Peterborough.  Henry died on 27th April 1923


Elleanor Carveth known as Ellen. She married William C Borland on 17th May 1866 in Home, Weller Street, Peterborough.  William was born on 28th October 1834  in Barboigh, Scorn, Ayrshire, Scotland  and baptised there on 30th November 1834 Ellen died on 12th January 1932 and William on 4th May 1920 in Peterborough


Esther Carveth  baptised on 17th June 1846 in St Peter's Cathedral, Peterborough. She married Michael Quinlan, son of John Quinlan and Bridget Kent on 2nd February 1870 in St Peter's Cathedral.


Richard Carveth born on 3rd August 1848 in Douro. He married Josephine LeClaire, daughter of Thomas LeClaire and Ellen Clancy, on 1st May 1881 in St Joseph's Church, Douro. Josephine on 5th July 1888.  Richard secondly married Ellen Theresa Heffernan, daughter of Patrick Heffernan and Jane Fitzgerald, on 29th June 1897 in St Joseph's Church, Douro. Richard died on 27th December 1937 and Ellen on 8th August 1942


Maria Carveth born in 1851 in Canada. She died on 31st August 1919 in Peterborough and was buried on 2nd September 1919 in Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough.


Another daughter was:


Susan Carveth who married Peter Richardson on 25th June 1876 in Peterborough, Ontario.


Henry died on 19th May 1897 in Douro, Ontario and was buried on 21st May 1897 in Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario and Martha died on 30th September 1887, aged 74,  in Ashburnham, Ontario and was also buried in Little Lake Cemetery


Mary Carveth baptised on 3rd September 1815 in Elmore.  She was buried on 16th January 1816 in Elmore


Richard died on 11th October 1816 and was buried in Elmore on 14th October 1816. Esther was buried in Elmore on 6th October 1814, aged 40


James Andrew Carveth baptised on 2nd August 1775 (Bishop’s Transcripts 27th July) became a Surgeon and married Anna Hennnah on 15th January 1799. James was buried at St Austell on 9th February 1812.  Anna was baptised on 7th October 1772, the daughter of Rev Richard Heenah, Vicar of St Austell and St Blazey and Rector of St Michael's Penkival for over 50 years, and his wife Mary Carthew. James and Anna had the following four children.

Mary Carveth who married John Carkeet She lived from 1799 to 1862

Richard Carveth was a surveyor of St Austell. He married Julia Hennah, his first cousin, and lived from 1802 to 1874

Margaret Carveth who married Carteret Price. She lived from 1803 to 1879

Anna Carveth who married Dr William Carkeet. She lived from 1805 to 1875.  Anna and William and their eight surviving children emigrated to Australia in 1852 arriving in January 1853

James Andrew Carveth died at St Austell on the 5th of February 1812


Nicholas Carveth baptised on 21st August 1777 and married Martha Gummoe and had at least one child,:


Elizabeth Triscott Carveth was baptised on 13th February 1807.


 Nicholas was buried in Probus on 8th April 1807


Matthew Carveth baptised on 13th September 1779 and buried 11th April 1781


Catherine Andrew Carveth baptised on 26th December 1781 and buried on 23rd April 1788


Matthew Andrew Carveth baptised on 19th April 1784 and buried 23rd April 1788


Dorcas Carveth baptised on 3rd August 1786


Cattrine Carveth baptised on 31st January 1788 married John Enes Blackmore, Surgeon of St Austell on 2nd September 1821 at Mylor Catherine was then of Mylor and she was buried in May 1852


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