William Temple


Son of William and Margaret Temple, father of George Temple and husband of Ann Selby


William was born c.1651 and admitted to Freeman of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed on 2nd February 1671/72 as the eldest son of his father, deceased.  He was also a Burgess of the Borough.


On 24th September 1675, he married Ann Selby and they had at least the following children, all baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Berwick-upon-Tweed:


William Temple baptised on 28th May 1676. He died before 1707, when his brother, George, was the eldest son


Margaret Temple baptised on 2nd February 1677/78


Ann Temple baptised on 31st October 1679


George Temple baptised c.1683


William died between October 1684 and July 1685. 


His will was dated 19th March 1684 and the following are mentioned in his will – his wife, Ann; his eldest son, William; his second son, George; two daughters, Margaret and Ann;  “a child my wife is now with”;  his brother-in-law, Mr John Luck; his Uncle, William Cook of Tweedmouth; his cousins, Robert Temple and Mathew Forster of Berwick; his beloved mother, Margaret.


The above information came from Berwick Guildhall and Parish records


Note: an Ann Selby, daughter of Richard Selby, was baptised in Berwick on 5th October 1656


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