George Temple

Son of William Temple and Ann Selby, father of William Temple and husband of Esther Watson

George was born c.1683 and admitted a Freeman of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed on 10th October 1707 as the eldest son of William Temple, his elder brother, William, having died before 1707. He must have been over 21 on appointment, which confirms his birth at around 1683.

George was General Riding Surveyor of the Salts for the Excise.  He was also an Inn- Keeper and had close connections with the Dissenters of Berwick; his main property, later known as Brown Bear Yard, adjoined the Low (Presbyterian) Meeting House on Hide Hill.  George was relatively wealthy owning houses and land within the Borough of Berwick and valuable fisheries on the River Tweed. On handing over the government post to his son, William, on 24th June 1733, George appears to have been appointed to another government post, which he held until his death.

George married Esther Watson, the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Watson and sister of Thomas Watson, three times Mayor in the 1730's. While George's marriage to Esther has not been found, Esther's parents married on 8th November 1669 in Berwick.  George and Esther had the following children, baptised in Berwick-upon-Tweed 

William Temple baptised on 4th September 1710                     

Robert Temple baptised on 23rd September 1711 and buried at Holy Trinity Church on 24th April 1770.  His will of 20th January 1770, names his nephew, William Johnston Temple, as sole executor

Margaret Temple baptised on 19th June 1713 and married Benjamin Nicholson on 20th September 1737 at Holy Trinity Church, Berwick.  They had 10 children. Margaret was buried on 7th September 1787 and Benjamin died in 1775

George Temple baptised on 27th March 1715/16.  He moved to London and almost certainly was a lawyer.  In the 1750’s he was agent for the Corporation on a number of matters on his brother’s initiative, including negotiating annuities; a task which was specifically a lawyer’s prerogative.

Elizabeth Temple baptised on 26th December 1717

Esther was buried in Holy Trinity Church on 21st August 1719 and George secondly married Ann Nicholson who was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 29th January 1749/50

George was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 19th October 1750.

His will was dated 16th October 1750 and proved on 24th April 1751.  In the will he mentions his daughter, Margaret and her husband, Benjamin Nicholson. Otherwise, he leaves his entire estate to his son William

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The Watson family details are confirmed by the Watson Family Tree in Berwick upon Tweed Record Office 41/49.

Many dates are from the Parish Records of Holy Trinity, Berwick

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