William Fitzalan, Baron of Cluny and Oswestry


Son of William Fitzalan and Helen Peverell,  father of John Fitzalan and husband of Isabel Say

William Fitzalan, Sheriff of Shropshire, born in 1136/37 in Oswestry, Shropshire. He served from the 2nd year of King Richard I, until the 3rd year of King John, inclusive. He died in 1214, and was succeeded by his eldest son, William, then John

He married firstly Isabel SAY from whom the Barony of Cluny was obtained. She was born c. 1141 and died c. 1199 and was the daughter and heir of Helias De Say. William and Isabel had the following children:

William Fitzalan born 1162/63. 3rd Baron Cluny married Mary de Lacy and he died on 12th April 1216

John Fitzalan Baron Cluny and Oswestry

Robert Fitzalan de Eaton

Agnes Fitzalan born c. 1170 and married Phillip de Kyme

Petronelle Fitzalan born c. 1172 and married Walter de Dustanville

Alianore Fitzalan born c.1174 and married James Butler

Dau. Fitzalan born c.1168 and married Walter de Pershale

Roger Fitzalan born c. 1166

Richard Fitzalan

Edmund Fitzalan

William married secondly Mary Eringtes, daughter of Thomas De Eringtes


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