John Fitzalan, Baron of Cluny and Oswestry


Son of William Fitzalan, Sheriff of Oswestry and Isabel Say,  father of John Fitzalan and husband of Isabella d'Aubigny

John Fitzalan, Baron of Cluny and Oswestry born c.1166 in Arundel, Sussex. He took up arms with the other barons against King John, but upon the accession of King Henry, having had letters of safe conduct to come in and make his peace, he had livery of the lands of his inheritance, upon paying, however, a fine of 10,000 marks.

He married Isabella d'Aubigny c. 1222. Isabella was the daughter of William d’Aubigny, 3rd Earl of Arundel and Mabel, daughter of the Earl of Chester. She was the  sister and coheir of Hugh d'Aubigny, earl of Arundel, who died in 1243 with no direct male heirs. William d'Aubigny was the son of William the 2nd Earl and Maud de St Hilaire. The 2nd Earl was the son of William d'Aubigny the 1st Earl and Adezila de Louvain, the second queen of King Henry 1. Adezila's parents, Godfrey, Count of Lower Lorraine and Duke of Brabant  and his first wife, Ide, daughter of Henri 3rd count of Namur, were both descendents of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne

John and Isabella had a son:

John FITZALAN  Earl of Arundel

He secondly married Hawise BLANCMINSTER

John died in March 1239/40


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