Samuel Owen


Son of Richard Owen and Jane ?, father of John Lines Owen and husband of Elizabeth Lines

Samuel was baptised at the Particular Baptists Church in Weedon Lois, Northamptonshire on 30th May 1793.

Samuel married Sarah Lines in the Parish Church of Maidford, Northamptonshire on 3rd July 1815.  Samuel was then of the Parish of Weston by Weedon and Sarah of Maidford.  Sarah died in 1816 and was buried in the Parish Church on 7th March at the age of 26.

Samuel then married Elizabeth Lines, the younger sister of Sarah, sometime in 1817. Banns were read in Whittlebury, Northamptonshire on 2nd, 9th and 16th March 1817, where they were both then resident, but there was no marriage there.

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth baptised in Maidford were as follows

On the baptismal records of his children, Samuel’s occupation is noted as Shoemaker as he is in the 1841 Census which has his age at 45 and Elizabeth’s at 40, both to the nearest 5 years; at home are Mary and John, both aged 15 to the nearest 5 years and Thomas aged 14, James aged 11, Isaac aged 7, William aged 5 and Eli aged 1. In addition, there is an Elizabeth Owen aged 15, to the nearest 5 years, at home - she does not appear in any other record.

On the marriage certificate of his son, John in 1848, Samuel’s occupation is still recorded as Shoemaker.

The 1851 Census has Samuel’s age at 57 and Elizabeth’s 53.  Samuel’s birthplace is recorded as Weston and Elizabeth’s as Maidford, Northamptonshire.  Isaac, William and Eli were at home and all recorded as Agricultural labourers.

The 1861 Census has Samuel aged 66 employed as an Agricultural labourer with Elizabeth aged 63 and William, also an Agricultural labourer, still at home, aged 25.

Samuel’s death certificate indicates that he died on 4th March 1869 at Weston in the Parish of Loys Weedon at the age of 76 from “old age and infirmity”. His job was still recorded as a shoemaker and an Inquest was held on 5th March 1869.

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