Benjamin Lines



Father of Elizabeth Lines and husband of Sarah Marlesbury


Benjamin was born c.1764

He married Sarah Marlesbury in Farthingstone on Tuesday, 14th April 1789. Benjamin was of Maidford and Sarah of Farthingstone. Theophilus Jones, the Curate of Farthingstone Church conducted the service and the witnesses were Richard Hurley and Elizabeth Marlesbury.

Benjamin and Sarah had five children born in Maidford, Northamptonshire:

Sarah Lines baptised on 12th October 1789 - see Samuel Owen note 

William Lines baptised on 25th December 1791. He married Elizabeth Coleman, who lived from 1794 to 1828, on 29th April 1813 at Blakesley, Northamptonshire. William and Elizabeth had the following children all baptised in Maidford:

Thomas Lines baptised on 30th August 1818

William Lines baptised on 30th July 1820

Leah Lines baptised on 29th September 1822

Sarah Lines baptised on 1st may 1825

Benjamin Robert Lines baptised on 23rd December 1827

William was  buried in Maidford on 21st May 1833

Augustus Lines born on 16th December 1793 and baptised on 26th January 1794.  He married Elizabeth Underwood, who was born in 1791, on 6th May 1813 in Maidford. Augustus and Elizabeth had the following daughter:

Sarah Underwood Lines baptised in Maidford on 28th November 1813

Elizabeth died 5th September 1814.

Augustus, also known as Austin, then married Elizabeth Row, who was born in 1790, on 16th October 1815 in Maidford.  Augustus died on 4th July 1855 at 8 Hampton Street, Birmingham and was buried in Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham

John Lines baptised on 12th April 1796

Elizabeth Lines baptised on 8th April 1798 - see Samuel Owen note

Thomas Lines baptised on 9th January 1803. He married Sarah Jones of Birmingham on 29th January 1826 at St Martinís, Birmingham, and they had the following children:.

Eliza Lines who was born c.1826. She married John Dalton on 24th April 1843 in Nelson, New Zealand.  Eliza died 18th August in Cambridge, New Zealand

John Lines who was born 0n 2nd April 1829 and baptised on 5th July 1829 in Maidford. John married Jane Holland 10th July 1849 in Alton, Staffordshire. John died on 29th December 1883 in Nelson, New Zealand

Benjamin Lines baptised on 10th July 1831 in Maidford.  He married, firstly, Sarah Tunnicliffe  on 12th August 1851 and she died in 17th February 1865. He secondly married Sarah Alcock on 17th April 1867 and she died on 29th August 1901 in Nelson. Benjamin died in Nelson on 13th June 1904

Sarah died on 24th May 1843 and Thomas then married Ann Blackwell, who was born in 1816, on 31st May 1836 in Maidford.  Thomas and Ann had the following children:

William Lines baptised on 30th June 1837 in Maidford and died there 8th May 1840

Elizabeth Lines baptised Maidford on 30th June 1839. She married Frank Humphreys on 30th April 1858.  Elizabeth died in Christchurch, New Zealand on 18th February 1922 and Frank died on 23rd April 1890

William Lines baptised in Maidford in Maidford on 24th July 1841. William married Lucy Allcock on 13th February 1866 in Nelson. William died in Nelson on 19th March 1924 and Lucy on 23rd September 1905, also in Nelson

According to the 1841 Census, Thomas and Ann, aged 26, were living in Maidford.  Thomas was an agricultural labourer.  Children present were: John aged 12, Benjamin aged 10, Elizabeth aged 2 and William aged 4 months; all born in Northamptonshire

Thomas went with his brother, Benjamin, and their families to New Zealand leaving on 26th May 1842 on board the Thomas Harrison. On board a son was born:

Thomas Harrison Lines born on 26th September 1842 on probably named after the Ship.  He drowned in Wairua River, Brightwater, New Zealand on 12th March 1859

The Ship arrived in Nelson, New Zealand on 25th October 1842. Thomas and Ann had eight more children in New Zealand

George Lines born c.1845 in Wai-iti, Nelson. He married Sarah Thomason in 1867.  George died on 7th July 1915 at Ngatimoti and was buried at Waiwhero, Motueka, Nelson; Sarah, born in 1848, died on 24th June 1901

Job Lines born on 17th May 1846 in Wai-iti, Nelson.  He married, firstly, Susannah Ann Dixon on 14th December 1875, who was born on 8th July 1857.  She died on 20th February 1913 and Job married, secondly, Florence (Alice) Dixon on 13th May 1914.  Job died on 27th October 1916 at inangahua, West Coast of the South Island.  Florence died on 13th October 1958 in Hamilton, New Zealand

Mary Ann Lines born on 11th May 1848 in Wai-iti, Nelson.  She married Joseph Crisp on 17th February 1868, who was born on 7th April 1846.  Joseph died in 1933 and Mary died on 25th September 1933 in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

Martha Lines born on 8th December 1852 in Wai-iti, Nelson. She died on 18th January 1866 in Hope, Nelson

Ellen (Nellie) Lines born on 18th January 1854 in Wai-iti, Nelson.  She married John Bradshaw Owens on 25th December 1876 in Westport

Sarah Jane Lines born on 17th March 1855 in Ranzua Road, Brightwater, Nelson. She married, firstly, George Webb and, secondly, on 20th January 1887, Alfred Thomas Silcock, who was born on 4th August 1851.  Alfred died on 22nd September 1924

Amelia Lines born c.1856 in Ranzua Road, Brightwater, Nelson.  She married, firstly, James (Bert) Taylor in 1879; he died in 1886.  Amelia married, secondly,  August Carl Heinrick Schroder on 6th February 1888.

Austin Lines born on 22nd February 1857 in Ranzua Road, Brightwater, Nelson.  He married Alice Priscilla (Pink) Sutton in 1884. Alice was born in 1862 and died on 8th September 1918. Austin died on 21st November 1941 and was buried in Brightwater

Thomas died on 23rd April 1885 in Hope, Nelson, New Zealand. He was buried in Block 5, Plot 12 at Richmond Cemetery, Nelson. Ann died in 1900

Benjamin Lines baptised on 5th May 1805. He married Elizabeth Watts, who was born in 1802, on 29th October 1827 in Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire. They had the following children:

Benjamin Lines baptised in Maidford on 17th February 1828, He drowned in Nelson on 25th December1847, aged 18

Sarah Ann Lines born c.1831in Maidford. She married Charles Smith on 18th July 1849 at Brightwater, Waimea West, Nelson

Leah Lines born c.1840 in Maidford. She married John Disher on 11th August 1864 and she died 23rd September 1873.  Alexander died on 15th July 1895

According to the 1841 Census, Benjamin and Elizabeth, aged 37, were living in Maidford. Benjamin was an agricultural labourer.  Children present were: Benjamin, aged 12, Sarah, aged 10 and Leah aged 1; all born on Northamptonshire

John Lines baptised in Maidford on 15th May 1842.  He married Fanny Johnson on 10th March 1870 in Akaroa, New Zealand. John died on 4th September 1910 aged 60 and Fanny on 24th December 1918 aged 71.  Both were buried in Christchurch, New Zealand

Selina Lines Born c.1845 in New Zealand. She married Thomas Warnock on 7th June 1867. Selina died in 1941 and Thomas on 3rd August 1891 aged 49 in Nelson

Benjamin went with his brother, Thomas,  to New Zealand in 1842. Elizabeth died in Nelson in 1868, and Benjamin then married Ann Blunt in the house of Rev. C. Frater of Tuam Street, Christchurch, New Zealand, in August 1877.  Benjamin died on 14th January 1895 at Woolston, Christchurch. New Zealand and was buried on 16th January 1895 at Woolstone Cemetery, Christchurch

The sons, Thomas and Benjamin, who went to New Zealand were immigrant labour, brought to that country by the New Zealand Company formed in England to settle Nelson. They became farmers

Benjamin was buried in Maidford on 17th January 1823 and Sarah, also in Maidford, on 25th July 1838.


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