The Children of Samuel Owen and Elizabeth Lines

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth baptised in Maidford, Northamptonshire, were

Sarah Anne Lines Owen baptised on 27th December 1818

Benjamin Owen baptised on 5th November 1820 and buried on 5th February 1821

Mary Ann  Owen baptised on 30th June 1822

John Lines Owen baptised on 30th January 1825

Thomas Lines Owen baptised on 25th March 1827. Married to Sarah Adkins of Weston in 1848 in Towcester. Sarah was born c.1826 in Tiffield, Northamptonshire.  According to the 1851 and 1861 Census returns they had three children borne in the following approximate years:

Georgina Owen 1851

Charles Adkins Owen born in mid 1853

Ann Owen 1856

According to the 1871 census, the following children were at home

George Adkins Owen born on 14th March 1859 in Weston, an Agricultural Labourer.  He married Emma Pittam in 1886.  Emma was born c.1866 in Helmdon, Northamptonshire, the daughter of James and Selina Pittam.  George and Emma had the following children:


Thomas in 1936

Thomas Lines Owen born on 2nd September 1886 in Towcester. He married Ruth Cheyney in December 1908 in Rugby. Ruth was born in South Kilworth, Leicestershire c.1881, the daughter of William and Maria Cheyney.  Thomas died c.1979 in Rugby and was buried at Canley, Coventry.. Thomas and Ruth had the following children:

Dorothy Owen born. 20th June 1909

Francis in 1936

Francis Seymour Owen born c.1911 and died 26th January 1945 in Rugby. He married Evelyn Mary Haycock who was born in 1927 and died on 2nd October 1993 in Rugby.  Francis and Evelyn had  a son:


Alan Robert Owen born on 27th December 1936 in Rugby and died on 15th December  1996 in Oxford and was buried on 21st December in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Alan married Patricia June Mason on 28th March 1959 in Lower Shuckborough, Warwickshire; Patricia was born on 8th June 1935 in Burrough Hill, Daventry, Northamtonshire, the daughter of Alfred Mason and Constance Hillyard. Alan and Patricia had two children.

Selina Humphrey Owen born 1893 in Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire

Emma Owen born c. 1895  in Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire

Bertha Owen born 1897 in Rugby, Warwickshire

Thomas Owen born early 1861 in Weston, an Agricultural Labourer

According to the 1881 Census Thomas, aged 53, and Sarah, aged 52, were living in Tanters Row, Towcester, Northamptonshire.  Thomas was a shoemaker and Sarah a lacemaker.  Their grandson, presumably a son of Charles, James Owen,  aged 5,  was living with them

Thomas Owen died in mid 1892

James Owen baptised on 5th July 1829

In 1830/31 the family moved to Weedon Lois, Northamptonshire, and the following children were baptised

Hannah Owen  baptised on 4th December 1831

Isaac Owen baptised on 21st April 1833. Married to Maria Brown of Weston on 4th November 1853 in Wappenham, Northants. Maria was born in Wappenham c. 1834. According to the 1861, 1871 and 1881 Census had 8 children born in the following approximate years:

Sarah E Owen born in 1857

George W Owen born in 1858

According to the 1861 Census, Maria's mother, Martha, aged 63, and born in Willoughby, Warwickshire, a Laundress, was also present as were two of her siblings Benjamin Brown, aged 37, a Lamper, born in Wappenham and Lacey Brown, aged 23 and born in Wappenham, a Lacemaker.  A niece, Lucy M Henson was also there, aged 11, a Scholar, born in Woodland, Northamptonshire.

Mary Owen born in 1862, known as Polly did not marry, but looked after Emily's two children when Emily died

Hedley Owen baptised 24th September 1865 and married Clara Sturdges in 1887. Children according to the 1891 Census were George, borne c. 1888 and Elias  borne c.1880. According to the 1901 Census, Hedley, aged 36, was living with his wife, Rachel M, aged 32 in Main Street, Weedon Lois.  He was horseman on a farm. They had the following children all born on Weston:

George H Owen aged 13 and a Baker's Apprentice

Edwin Owen aged 11, born in early 1890

Flosie T Owen aged 9, born in early 1892

Ethel M Owen aged 7

Cecil Owen aged 4, born in mid 1896

Isaac Harold Owen aged 3, born in early 1898

Harriet Owen born in1867 and baptised in Weston on 22nd September 1867. She married Joseph Castle in 1888 and had at least one child - Olive

Emily Owen born in 1870 and married George Owen Fenemore in late 1899. They had two children, neither of whom had children

Elsie Fenemore

Annie Fenemore

Alfred Owen born in 1872  and married Sarah Elizabeth Castle in late 1899. According to the 1901 Census he was a Grocer and Blacksmith (worker, not owner) living in Main Street, Weedon Lois, aged 29, with his wife Sarah, aged 24 and a baby daughter, Emily, aged 10 months. Sarah was born in Slapton, Northamptonshire They had three children:

Elsie Owen married and had two daughters, one named Betty

Nellie Owen married and also had two daughters

Alfred Owen  married and had a son

Albert (Hubert) Owen born in early 1874

Harry Owen born in 1877. According to the 1901 Census, Harry was a groom at Rendal House, Blakesley, Northamptonshire, The home of Willam Allen Stevens and his sister Evelyn Lucy Stevens.; Harry's age was noted as 25, which is incorrect. He married Lilian Florence Wilcox on 3rd February 1906.  They had three children:

Sidney Owen born in 1907, who married Winifred ? and had one child.  Sidney died in 1955

Vera Owen born in 1916 died in 1918 of meningitis

Marjorie Lillian Owen born in 1918 who married Thomas Lineham in 1941. Thomas and Marjorie had three children.

Harry died on 2nd February 1930 in Northampton from a TB abscess on a rib.  His wife, Lilian, died on 9th July 1954 in Northampton


According to the 1891 Census, Isaac, aged 73, and Maria, aged 58, were living with their children in Weston: Alfred, aged 19, a Blacksmithís apprentice; Hubert, aged 12, an agricultural labourer;  Harry, aged 14, an assistant labourer; Harriet Castle, aged 24 and granddaughter, Olive Castle, aged under 1 year.


Isaac died in mid 1893


William Owen baptised on 8th November 1835. He married Charlotte Lydia Pennington on 16th April 1869 in All Saints, St Marylebone, London. She was 14 years his junior according to the 1881 Census. They had 5 children, born in the following approximate years:

Rose Owen 1870

Edith Owen 1871

James Owen 1877

Walter Owen 1880

William died in early 1888

Eli Owen born on 19th November 1840 and baptised on 28th February 1841. Married to Lucy Ann Barley of Blakely, Northamptonshire and according to the 1871 Census was 30 and Lucy 29. Charlotte Barley, a married sister in law also of Blakely, was present. According to the 1881 Census, Eli, aged 40, an agricultural labourer and Lucy, aged 39, a dressmaker, were living without their children in Weston. According to the 1891 Census there were two children:

Eliza Owen aged 20.

Margaret Owen aged 17

Eliís gravestone in Weedon Lois churchyard records his wifeís death on 13th February 1901 aged 60 years closely followed by that of Eli on 11th April 1901 aged 61 years. They were buried on 16th February and 15th April respectively.

In the 1841 Census which has the following children at home:  Mary and John, both aged 15 to the nearest 5 years and Thomas aged 14, James aged 11, Isaac aged 7, William aged 5 and Eli aged 1. In addition, there is an Elizabeth Owen aged 15, to the nearest 5 years, at home - she does not appear in any other record.

On the marriage certificate of his son, John in 1848, Samuelís occupation is still recorded as Shoemaker.

The 1851 Census has  Isaac, William and Eli  at home with their parents and all recorded as Agricultural labourers.

The 1861 Census has William, still at home with his parents, aged 25.


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