Maredudd ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Prince of Powys



Son of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Princeps Walliae and Heire verch Cillin,  father of Iowerth  ap Mareddud and husband of Eua verch Beti ap Endowen Bendow

Maredudd, born c.1047, was the founder of the last native dynasty of Powys.  During his early years he played only a subordinate part in Welsh affairs, being overshadowed by his Brothers Iowerth and Cadwgan ; he joined them in the support which they gave to their overlord, Earl Robert of Shrewsbury, in his rebellion against Henry I in 1102.  Ioweth soon went over to the King and, while making his peace with Cadwgan, consigned Maredudd to a royal prison. 

In 1107 Maredudd escaped and returned to Powys.  He remained, however, without territory for several years.  Even when Iowerth and Cadwgan were slain in succession in 1112, he did not improve his position. 

According to Brut y Tywysogion, he was in 1113 “penteula” or Captain of the Guard to Owain ap Cadwgan – an office particularly reserved for landless members of the Royal Family.  In that same year, however, Owain divided with him the forfeited domains of Madog ap Rhiryd.  On Owain’s death in 1116 Maredudd regularly appears among the Princes of Powys.

In 1118, he took part in the feud between Hywwel of Rhos and Rhufoniog and the sons of Owain ap Edwin.

In 1121, he was leader of the resistance offered by Powys to the invasion of Henry I.  During the few remaining years of his life his power grew apace and in 1124, his nephew Einon ap Cadwgan bequeathed him his territory.

In 1124 a second son of Cadwgan, Maredudd, was murdered and a third, Morgan, died on pilgrimage.

Maredudd removed two other enemies to his progress – his nephew, Ithel ap Rhiryd by murder and his great nephew Llywelyn ap Owian  by mutilation. Thus by the time of his death in 1132, he was master of all Powys.

He married, firstly, Hunedd de Allington, daughter of Eunuthe (Eunydd) de Allington.  They had four recorded children:

Cadwgan ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn born c.1081


Griffith ap Mareduud ap Bleddyn born c.1093 and married Ewerfyl verch Gwrgeno


Dyddgu verch Mareddud ap Bleddyn born c.1093


Howel ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn 

Maredudd married, secondly, Eua ap Endowen Bendow, daughter of Beti ap Endowen Bendow.  They had three recorded children:

Iowerth ap Mareddud ap Bleddyn born c.1109


David ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn


Jane verch Maredudd ap Bleddyn 


Maredudd was Prince of Powys and was killed in battle in 1132 in South Wales.


The above data comes principally from the Dictionary of National Biography and from the 1623 Visitation to Shropshire, recorded by John Kynaston, eldest son of Edward Kynaston and Katherine Lloyd


Other sources


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