Johannes Kynaston



Son of Madocus Kynaston and Sillotta Francton, father of Madocus Kynaston and husband of Agnes verch Llewellyn

Johannes (also known as Jenkin) Kynaston, born c.1331, was of Stokkes, Ellesmere, Shropshire and a Steward of Ellesmere.  He married Agnes verch Llewellyn, daughter of Llewellin Dd’w ap Gruff ap Iorworth Voell of Abertanat, Llanblodowel, Shropshire; he was the son of Gruffyd ap Iowerth Foel ap Iowerth Vychan, the son in turn of Iowerth Foel ap Iowerth Vychan ap Gwladys verch Gruffyd. Agnes was borne c.1331.

Johannes and Agnes had one son recorded:


Madocus Kynaston born c.1350


The above data comes mainly  from the 1623 Visitation to Shropshire, recorded by John Kynaston, eldest son of Edward Kynaston and Katherine Lloyd


Other sources


“Mainwaring of Oteley” in "Burkes Landed Gentry" Vol. II, pp.421.


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