The Children of Rev William Johnston Temple and Ann Stow

William Johnston Temple: 13 August 1769 – 16 January 1787

William was baptised in Mamhead on 4th November 1769. James Boswell was a godparent. He was an Ensign in General Vaughan's (the 46th) Regiment and he died on 16th January 1787

Admiral Francis Temple: 28 July 1770 – 19 January 1863

Francis was baptised in Mamhead on 2nd June 1771. (Frank) entered the navy in 1786, remaining a midshipman until 1793, when he was at last commissioned as a Lieutenant, after considerable efforts by family and friends, including James Boswell and Sir Francis Blake. He was a Commander in 1803 and Captain in 1805.  He was retired with the rank of Rear Admiral in 1837 becoming Vice Admiral in 1847 and Admiral in 1854.

According to the 1861 Census, Admiral Francis Temple, RN on half Pay, was living at Cliff Cottage, Kea, Cornwall on half pay with his wife Susan. Francis was aged 90 and his wife, born in Kea, was aged 68

Francis died at the age of 92 on 19th January 1863. A published document containing information on the relationships of Cornish families mentions that Francis married Susan Warren, daughter of George Warren and Elizabeth Andrew, who was in turn a sister of Margaret Andrew, wife of Richard Carveth.  Francis was buried with his parents.

Anne Temple: 7 June 1772 – 1 May 1827

Anne was baptised in Mamhead on 5th December 1772, but was called Nancy by her father. In 1785 her father wrote in his diary that Ann was then at Boarding School and her schooling ended in 1786 when she was 14. On returning from a visit with her father to James Boswell and his daughter, Veronica, in 1790, Ann met Charles Powlett for the first time and their relationship developed despite opposition from her father.  She married Rev. Charles Powlett on 29th November 1796 at St Austell, Cornwall..

See Attachment for extracts from letters of the Author, Jane Austin, to her sister, Cassandra, about Charles and Anne – somewhat disparagingly. Charles was born on 17th June 1764 and baptised on 20th June at St Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire. He attended Charterhouse and Westminster Schools,  Charles was associated with the famous Hambledon Cricket Club. He was admitted Pensioner to Trinity College, Cambridge on 10th October 1781. He was Rector of St Martin-by-Looe, Cornwall from 1790 to 94 and again from 1796 to 1811. During the gap he was Rector of Blackford, Somerset from 1794 to 96. From 1817 to 26 Charles was Chaplain in Ordinary to the Prince Regent and from 1817 to 34, Rector of High Roding, Essex.  Charles spent the last period of his life in Outreau, near Boulogne, France. Charles died in 1834 in Brussels.  He wrote “A Father’s reason for being a Christian” 

Charles Powlett’s father, Percy Powlett RN was the second illegitimate son of Charles, 3rd Duke of Bolton, by Lavinia Fenton (1708 - 17th January 1760), the famous Polly of “The Beggar’s Opera”; although The Duke married Lavinia on 20th October 1751, after the death of his first wife, Anne Vaughan.

Ann and Charles had the following children all baptised in Winslade, Hampshire

Anne Elizabeth Powlett  born on 3rd September 1797 and baptised on 16th September

Caroline Powlett born on 21st June 1800 and baptised on 5th July

James Gunman Powlett born on 17th September 1801 and baptised on 19th September

Rev Percy William Powlett who was born on 22nd August 1802 in Dummer, Hampshire and baptised on 26th August 1802 in Winslade, Hampshire. He attended Trinity College, Oxford. matriculating on 3rd February 1820, aged 17; He graduated BA in 1924 and was a Michael Fellow, He was at Queens College, Oxford from 1828 to 1834, but obtained an MA in 1828. From 1823 he had been an Assistant Master at Rugby School. He married Isabella Penelope Wheler on 13th December 1833 at Leamington, Hastings, Warwickshire. Penelope was born on 11th December 1799 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex. From 1838 until his death on 22nd September 1866, Percy was the Rector of Frankton, Warwickshire. Isabella s died on 1st July 1896, aged 96.

According to the 1861 Census, the family were living at the Parsonage, Frankton, Warwickshire.  Percy was the Rector, aged 58.  Isabella was aged 61.  Their daughter, Katherine, aged 22 was at home, plus Caroline Powlett, sister of Percy, aged 60

Percy died on 22nd September 1866 and was buried at Frankton, Warwickshire on 27th September. Percy and Isabella had the following children all baptised at Leamington Hastings, Warwickshire

Charles John Powlett baptised on 17th July 1835.  He attended Wadham College, Oxford, matriculating on 29th June 1853, aged 18. He was a Scholar from 1853 until 1859, graduating BA in 1858. From 1858 he worked for the Indian Civil Service and married Grace Blewitt on 29th September 1863 in Calcutta, India. According to the 1871 Census, Grace, aged 26, was staying with her husband’s cousin, Frederick Temple, in Palace Street, Exeter, where Frederick was Bishop.  She was then the wife of the Indian C. S. Commissioner.

Lieutenant Colonel Percy William Powlett baptised on 29th May 1837. He married Wilhelmina Anne Rivasin in December 1867 in Watford, Hertfordshire. Percy was in the Staff Corps in Bengal, India. They had three children:

Amy G Powlett  born c. 1872 in India

Katherine Mary Powlett  born on 21st December 1872 in Begal, India.  She married William Strong in March 1900 in Wokingham

Miriam Lillian Powlett born c. 1876 in India

Katherine Anne Powlett baptised on 18th January 1839 and she married Lieutenant Colonel Charles Isham Strong of Thorpe Hall, Longthorpe, Peterborough on 27th September 1864. Charles was born on 7th September 1838. Charles and Katherine had the following children:

Dianne Caroline Strong born c. 1867

Horatia Strong born c. 1869

William Strong born c.1870

Isabella Strong born c.1872

Grace Strong born 6th June 1873 and died 2nd December 1926

Charles Powlett Strong born c.1875.  A Lieutenant in the Bedfordshire Regiment who fell in action on 6th January 1901

Kathleen Mary Strong born c.1877

Charles Isham Strong was the son of Rev William Strong  (August 3rd 1788 - 1860) and Isabella Mary Isham who died on 27th January 1878, aged 72 years.  The Strongs were “cousins” and friends of  Rev Thomas Kynaston Gaskell.

On August 3rd 1916, Dr Hugh Selwyn Gaskell cycled from Bedford, where he was stationed, to Thorpe Hall, 38 miles, to visit his cousins.  He remarked, "Mrs S. looks very well, and is no older, but of course  has to get about on crutches.  Horatia, Grace, Mrs Willie and Miss Metcalfe were there. Mary is in Cairo."

Admiral Armand Temple Powlett, RN, baptised on 25th April 1841 at St Nicholas, Frankton, Warwickshire - Armand was a sponsor at the baptism of Gerald Bruce Gaskell, the son of Rev Thomas Kynaston Gaskell. . Armand married Horatia Frances Janet Powlett on 21st June 1870 in Dunchurch, Warwickshire. Horatia was born n 1852 in New South Wales, Australia and died in 1935, aged 85. Armand was buried on 26th January 1925 at St Nicholas, Frankton.  Armand and Horatia had the follwing children:

Vice Admiral Frederick Armand Powlett CBE born in 1873 in Rugby. He married Nora Chaplin in Rugby in mid 1905 and they had a son:

Rear Admiral Philip Frederick Powlett born in 1906. He commanded HMS SHEARWATER, HMS BLANKNEY and HMS CASSANDRA, World War II 1939-1945; Deputy Director of Naval Air Organisation and Training 1950; Senior Officer, Reserve Fleet, Clyde 1952-1953; Capt, 6 Frigate Squadron 1954-1955; Director (RN), Joint Anti-Submarine School, and Senior Naval Officer, Northern Ireland 1956-1958; Flag Officer and Admiral Superintendent, Gibraltar 1959-1962; retired 1962 and died in 1991

Kathleen Isabella Powlett born in March 1876 in Rugby. She married Rev Geoffrey Scott Smith

Charles Horatio A Powlett born in September 1879 in Rugby

Armand Temple Powlett born in mid 1884 in Rugby

Lieutenant Colonel Norton Powlett baptised on 26th February 1844 at St Nicholas, Frankton, Warwickshire. He married Ann Eliza Tribe on 25th September 1867.  Ann was born in Madras, India on 20th May 1846 and she died on 2nd February 1868, aged 19, in Secunderabad, India.

Anne died at Great Dunmow, Essex, on 1st May 1827, of typhus fever nursing her  son, Percy William.  Her obituary in the Gentlemans Magazine of 1827 records that “Ann was employed by her father as his amanuensis in writing several of his publications. Mrs Powlett had acquired a more than usual fund of knowledge; and she imbibed from her parents a deep but unaffected sense of religion”

Robert George Temple: 2 December 1774 –  14 April 1849

Robert was a baptised in Mamhead on 30th April 1775.  According to his father, Robert seems to have been a stupid and unruly boy, who grew into a boorish young man.  He is buried with his parents.

John James Temple: 27 October 1776 – 13 March 1800

John was baptised in Mamhead on 27th October 1776. He attended Eton, leaving at the end of the summer term 1796, almost 20 years old.  His father planned a clerical career for him, but he went to India in the East India Company's military service and was present at the taking of Seringapatam in 1799. He died on 13th March 1800 at the age of 25

Frederick Temple: 15 March 1779 –

Frederick was baptised in St Gluvius on 15th June 1779. He was commissioned into the 29th Dragoons and went to India.

Laura Temple: 2 October 1780 – 

Laura was baptised 2nd October 1780 in St Gluvius

Octavius Temple: 16 April 1784 – 13 August 1834

See following note

Much of The information concerning the children is contained two books in ROHG’s possession. 

"Diaries of William Johnston Temple" edited by Lewis Bettany and published by Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1929.

"The Correspondence of James Boswell and William Johnston Temple" - Volume 1, edited by Thomas Crawford and published by the Edinburgh University Press and Yale University Press

Information on Rev. Charles Powlett came from Alumni Cantabrigiensis

Many dates are from the Parish Records of Holy Trinity, Berwick


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