William Stow

Son of David Stow and Anne Selby, father of Ann Stow and husband of Mary Mow

William was born c.1692 and was of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Spittal, Hutton Spittal, Claribad etc in the Parish of Hutton. 

He was granted the freedom of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed on 20th January 1715.

William married firstly, Anne Blake at Norham, Northumberland on 14th February 1726/27.  Ann was born at Twissel Castle on 14th April 1705.  She was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Blake.  Her brother, Sir Francis Blake, was the father of another Sir Francis Blake who was “step” first cousin to Ann Stow, baptised 1741. This Sir Francis Blake was a great friend of William Johnston Temple

William and Anne had the following children, baptised at Holy Cross Berwick:

Ann baptised on 14th October 1729 and buried on 30th July 1731

David baptised on 9th March 1731/32 and buried on 20th May 1732

Ann died at some stage during or after 1732

William married, secondly, Mary Lundie, nee Mow during or before 1736.  Mary, the daughter of John Mow of East Mains, was previously married to James Lundie of Spittle. There was no issue from the marriage and James must have died before 1736. Mary held the estate of Spittal (Spittal House, Hutton, Berwick-upon-Tweed) in her own right and on her death, 15th November 1768, disposed of it to her son, Blake, by deed placed in the Sasine Office, Edinburgh on 16th February 1769.

William and Mary had the following children:

Sarah Stow baptised on 16th January 1735/36.  Sarah married Rev. John Forster and they were both visited regularly by William Johnston Temple, according to his diaries.  Sarah died in 1824

Isabel Stow baptised on 30th August 1737. Isabella appears unmarried as a witness at the wedding of her sister, Ann, in 1767. Isabella was mentioned regularly by William Johnston in his diaries.

Blake Stow Lundie of Spittal House, born at Twizedale on 21st Sepetmebr 1738 and baptised at Berwick-upon -Tweeed on 24th October following. He was of Hutton Spittal and obtained the freedom of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1760.  He assumed the name of Lundie in 1771.  He married Mary on 10th October 1772 and died on 19th August 1808. He was buried on 26th August in Berwick-upon-Tweed.  Blake and Mary had a son and a daughter:

Rev William Stow Lundie, baptised on 21st December 1773.   He was admitted Pensioner at St John’s College, Cambridge on 30th June 1791, matriculating in 1792 and graduated BA in 1796. He was ordained Deacon of Norwich on 9th July 1797.

Mary Stow Lundie, who married Rev William Compton on 9th November 1801 at Carham, Northumberland

William Stow born on 11th February 1740 and baptised on 14th March following. He was buried on 5th October 1740

Ann Stow Born on 9th June 1741.  Wife of Rev. William Johnston Temple

William assumed the name of Lundie, after Stow, in 1744. The male line of the family Stow-Lundie of Spital ended with the Rev. William Stow Lundie of Spital, who died in 1837 without issue. The estate then passed to the family of his sister, Mary who was married to the Rev. William Compton. Their son again took the name Lundie, being the Rev. William Compton-Lundie of Spitall.

Spittal House, Spittal mains, Hutton, Hutton mains and Hutton castle are all located a couple of miles due South East of Chirnside, Berwickshire.

William  was Mayor of Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1745 and 1750.

William died in 1753 at the age of 61. His will was dated 3rd August 1751 – proved at Durham.

William mentions in his will the following people – Mary, his wife; Blake Stow, his son; Daughters Sarah, Isabel and Ann; his nephews, David Stow Gentleman of Berwick and Fenwick Stow Esquire of Berwick. David and Fenwick are almost certainly the sons of William’s brother, George.

The source of information was the Diaries referred to above, plus a Family Tree headed “Stow of Melkington”, within John Scotts’ book  “Berwick-upon-Tweed  -  “The History of the Town and Guild” 1888.

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