William Cunnington

Son of James Cunnington and Sarah Ann Lane, Father of Elizabeth Cunnington and husband of Alice Pickering

William was baptised on 19th April 1836 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, where he was born.

According to the 1861 Census, Alice was a servant, aged 17, living with a farmer and his family in Silpho, Yorkshire

He married Alice Pickering on 2nd February 1867 at the Parish Church of Hackness, Yorkshire. Alice was baptised in Hackness on 29th September 1844, the daughter of George and Ester Pickering,  William was then aged 30, a shepherd, and living in the village of Silpho, the son of James Cunnington. Alice was 22, not working and from the village of Broxa; her father, George, was a labourer.  William and Alice signed the Register with their marks (a cross) and witnesses at the wedding were George and Elizabeth Pickering - possibly brother/father and sister of Alice.

According to the 1871 Census, George was a Shepherd, aged 34 and during the lambing season was resident at Kirkgate Farm, Silpho, belonging to Mr Henry Coulson.  Aley was Head of the rest of the family in Broxa, aged 27, a shepherd’s wife; present were three of her their children:

William Cunnington aged 4

Annie Cunnington aged 2

Elizabeth Cunnington aged 1

William and Aley, baptised Alice, had the following children near Scarborough, Yorkshire:

William Cunnington born in Cloughton and baptised in Hackness, Yorkshire on 3rd February 1867.  Known as Bill married, lived in Scarborough and worked for Snowdrift Laundry as a Deliveryman

Annie Cunnington born c.1869 in Langdale End

Elizabeth Cunnington born on 5th February in Broxa and baptised in Hackness, Yorkshire on 10th April 1870

Sarah Cunnington baptised in Hackness, Yorkshire on 25th August 1872.  She married Charles Albert Wharam in early 1902 and lived in Brook Street, Scarborough.  Sarah and Charles had three children:

Earnest Wharam who worked for the Engineering Company, Pickups

Gladys Wharam who died during her teens

Evelyn Wharam who married George ? and lived in Somerset Terrace, Scarborough.

David Cunnington baptised in Hackness, Yorkshire on 9th August 1874.  He married and moved to Wales to live

Charlotte Cunnington born in Broxa in 1876

Isabella Cunnington born in Scalby in c.1879

Mary Cunnington born early 1882 in Cloughton

George Cunnington born early 1885 in Cloughton 

Frank Cunnington born mid 1888 in Cloughton

The 1891 Census has the family living in the High Street, Cloughton, Yorkshire.  William, aged 54 was a general labourer, born in Holbeach, Lincolnshire and Alice, aged 46 born in Broxa.  The children at home were Charlotte, aged 15; Isabella, aged 12, a Scholar;  Mary, aged 9; George, aged 6, a Scholar,; and Frank aged 2

The 1901 Census has William and Alice living in Burniston in the Parish of Scalby St Lawrence. William was aged 65, a general labourer, born in Linclonshire and Alice was aged 60 born in Broxa. Also present were children - Sarah, aged 22 and Frank.  Alice's father, George Pickering, aged 87 and born (c.1814) in Bickley, Yorkshire, was also present. The ages of Alice, Sarah and George Pickering differ from earlier census returns and baptism dates

Aley’s granddaughter, Kathleen, did not remember her as a kind lady – a lasting memory is that she forced Kathleen to eat mustard to keep her quiet.

Aley died c.1920 and is buried in Scalby churchyard.

All the above information came from Parish Records, census returns and Kathleen Gill

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