John  Gill

Son of John and Ann Gill, father of John Burton Gill and husband of Margaret Sawrey

John was baptised at St Mary and St Nicholas, Beverley, Yorkshire on 30th October 1798

John and Margaret married on 26th January 1826 in Kendal, Westmoreland. They had the following children, all except Nancy, baptised at the Church of St John & St Martin, Beverley:

Nancy Gill born c. 1827 in Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland. She married Samuel Goldwell and had a daughter:

Sarah Ann Goldwell  born mid 1848 and baptised at St John and St Martin, Beverley on 6th July 1848

According to the 1851 Census, Nancy, aged 25, a Glover, was living with her father in law and mother in law; Jeremiah Goldwell, aged 63, a Bleacher, born in Cottingahm , Yorkshire and Antonie, aged 59, born in Spain but a British subject in Relgate, Beverley.  Also present were Sarah Ann Goldwell, aged 2 and Louisa Goldwell, aged 15 a granddaughter of Jeremiah and Antonie.

In 1861 Nancy was living with her parents and her daughter Sarah.  

John Burton Gill baptised on 1st April 1832 see note

William Burton Gill   baptised on 13th April 1836. He married Sarah Thurlow, daughter of Henry Thurlow and Eliza Wheatley, in 1857.  They had a daughter:

Margaret Eliza Gill born on 7th June 1857 in Keldgate, Beverley, who married Robert Tennant on 28th November 1874 in Middleton; her father's occupation then was that of a labourer. Margaret and Robert lived in the Ilton area of North Yorkshire, where Robert's family lived. They had four children   Margaret died in 1912 aged 74

William, according to the birth certificate of his daughter, was a a labourer in a Whiting Manufactory, possibly the forerunner of a fish processing plant

Robert Gill baptised on 20th March 1839.  According to the 1871 Census, Robert, aged 32, was married to Elizabeth aged 33; she was born in Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire.  They were then living at 11 St Lukes Street, Hull and Robert was a Tanner.  They had a boarder but no children

According to the 1881 Census they were living at 14 Walters Terrace, Sculcoates Lane, Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire.  Both were aged 42 and Robert was still a Tanner

Thomas Gill baptised on 31st July 1842. According to the 1871 Census, Thomas, aged 28, was married to Mary aged 33, she was born in Kirkhall,Yorkshire.  They were living in Hull and Thomas was, like his brother, a Tanner.  They had a son:

Thomas Gill aged 3 months and born in Hull

According to the 1881 Census they were living at 9 Walters Terrace, Sculcoates Lane, Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire and Thomas was the an Engine Driver.  Thomas was aged 38 and Mary 43.  They had the following children all born in Hull:

Thomas Gill aged 10 and born early 1871

Ada Mary Gill aged 8 and born late 1872

Margaret Gill aged 6

Alice M Gill aged 4

Florence B Gill aged 2

According to the 1841 Census, John and Margaret were living in St Martin's Parish, Beverley. John was an Agricultural Labourer aged 40 and Margaret aged 35 - both to the nearest 5 years rounded down. Also present were Ann (possibly Nancy) aged 15, John aged 9, William aged 5 and Robert aged 2.

According to the 1851 Census, John, aged 52 was living in Ireland Yard, Beverley, a labourer (pauper in different handwriting) with Margaret, aged 47, who was blind and born in Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland.    Also present were Robert Gill, aged 12, a Scholar, and Thomas Gill, aged 9, also a Scholar.  John Burton Gill, aged 20 was a labourer on the 380 acre farm of Mr and Mrs John Shepherd of Manor Farm, Salton, Yorkshire. William Burton Gill, aged 16, was a footman at Watergate, Beverley

According to the 1861 Census, John was deaf and aged 62, a Hatter, and Margaret was aged 54. The following children were present:

Nancy Goldwell daughter, aged 34, a Glover, born in Kirby Lonsdale, Westmoreland. 

Sarah Ann Goldwell granddaughter, aged 12, a Scholar  

Robert Gill aged 22, a Tanner

Thomas Gill aged 11, a Tanner

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