Henry Tomkins Turton

Son of Eli Turton, father of Henry Tomkins Turton and husband of Sarah Slater

Henry was born on 29th March 1825 and as Henry Turton, married Sarah Slater, who was born on 20th July 1826., on 17th November 1846 at the Parish Church, Harborn, Birmingham. Henry was aged 21 and Sarah 20. Henry was a Rope Spinner and they both lived in Harborn at the time of their marriage.  Henry’s father, Eli and Sarah’s father, John were both Rope Spinners.  Eli was deceased in 1846. Witnesses at the wedding were John Slater and a Martha Reader.

Henry appears in the Smethwick Directory of 1855, page 537, as a Rope Maker of Soho, Smethwick.

Henry and Sarah had the following children:

Dinah Turton born on 2nd September 1847 and died on 25th November 1848

Eli Turton born on 1st March 1849 and died on 11th June 1849

Mary Jane Turton born on 30th March 1850

John Tomkins Turton born on 12th December 1852 and died on 4th January 1854

Sarah Ann Turton born on 12th June 1854 and died on 17th April 1881

Henry Tomkins Turton born on 8th February 1856

Frederick William Turton born on 19th January 1859

James Alfred Turton born on 27th November 1862

Henry died on 18th June 1865 and Sarah on 15th August 1868

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