George Ditchburn

Son of George Ditchburn, father of Thomas Ditchburn and husband of Jane Fletcher

George was born in Scarborough c.1846. His birth was not registered

According to the 1861 Census, George, aged 16 was a Barman/Servant at the Moor Cock Inn, Wykeham, Yorkshire. The Publican and farmer was Mr Plaxton.                  

George married Jane Fletcher on 21st May 1866 at the Register Office, Scarborough.  George, aged 21 was a Cart Driver, living in Scarborough and the son of George Ditchburn, deceased, formerly a Bricklayer's labourer.  Jane was aged 20, a Domestic Servant, also living in Scarborough, the daughter of Peter Fletcher, an agricultural labourer.  George signed the certificate, but Jane marked the certificate with a cross. One witness at the wedding was Peter Fletcher, possibly the father or a brother

In 1871, the family were living in Langdale End, Wykeham and George, aged 25, an agricultural labourer, born in Scarborough, and his wife Jane , aged 23 and born in Hartoft, had the following children at home: John R, aged 5 and born in Scarborough, Thomas, aged 2 and born in Langdale End, George 1, also born in Langdale End

In 1881, according to the Census, George, aged 36, was Living at Cottage House, Wykeham, Yorkshire with his wife Jane, aged 34, born in Hartoft, near Rosedale, North Yorkshire. George was an Agricultural Labourer and Jane a Labourer.  At home were George, aged 11 and William aged 5, both born in Langdale End, Yorkshire.

According to the 1891 Census, George and Jane were living on the land of Rigg Farm, Broxa, Hackness, Yorkshire.  George was a woodman and he was aged 46, while Jane was aged 44.

According to the 1901 Census, George and wife, Jane, were the living in Broxa, Hackness, aged 55 and 53 respectively.  George was a Timber Sawyer's Labourer. Also in their home was their grandchild, Minnie, aged 6, born in Brickley, Yorkshire, in early 1895.  Minnie was the daughter of their son, George.

George and Jane had the following children:

John Ditchburn known as Jack, was the eldest brother, born in early 1866. He married Alice Chapman in early 1895.  According to the 1901 Census, John was aged 35 and living at Plantation Cottage, Cloughton, North Riding of Yorkshire, with his wife, Alice, born in Brancaster, Norfolk.  John was a General Woodman.  Children then at home were:

Gordon Chapman, aged 5 and born in Scarborough in late 1895. He was a Gunner, service number 12189, in the Royal Field Artillery aged 20,when he was killed in action during the First World War on 26th August 1916; the son of John  and Alice Ditchburn of Home Farm Hackness.  Fred was buried in Hackness (St Peter) Churchyard in the south west part

Doris Alice M, aged 5 months, also born in Scarborough. 

Family information is that John worked on the estate of Lord Derwent at Hackness Hall and in 1916 they were living at Home Farm, Hackness

Thomas Ditchburn born 10th April 1868

George Ditchburn  who was born in Langdale End early 1870. According to the 1901 Census he was aged 31 and a Builder's Carter He was with his wife, Mary Hannah Hick, whom he married in early 1894, aged 39 - she was born in Harwood, Yorkshire. They lived at 8 Brinkburn Road, Scarborough, next door to his brother, Thomas. There were no children resident, although his daughter, Minnie, was with his parents.

George was married twice, and by his first wife had a daughter:

Minnie Ditchburn who married Tess Noble, lived at Red House, Hackness and had, in turn, three daughters:

Marjorie Noble married Albert Stuart and had two daughters:

Jeanette Stuart

Dorothy Stuart who married two brothers whose surname was Saddlers. Dorothy had one daughter and lived at Langdale End and latterly in Burncliff Road, Scarborough.

Agnes Noble married a Captain in the Army and one daughter


After the War they divorced, Agness then married a Mr Thompson and they had one son.

Audrey Noble married Gerald Atkinson and lived at Manor Farm, Troutsdale, Hackness. They had two children;

Pauline Atkinson who married, had one girl and now lives in Durham;

Anthony Atkinson who married, had four children and emigrated to Canada.

George was buried in Langdale End churchyard.

William Ditchburn who was born c.1876 and married Kate ? and had a daughter:

Nora Ditchburn who married a Reg Johnson

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