George Ditchburn

Father of George Ditchburn and husband of Jane Clark

George was born c. 1758 and married Jane Clark on 13th May 1781 in Marske, North Yorkshire. Jane was born c. 1757. They had the following children:

John Ditchburn baptised on 18th November 1781 in Marske, North Yorkshire. He married, by licence, Mary Huntrods on 8th December 1803. They were both of the Parish of Marske and they had seven children

Jane Ditchburn baptised on 18th April 1784. She married Thomas Broadwith, widower of the Parish of Upleatham on 3rd June 1806 in Marske.

George Ditchburn baptised in Marske on 27th May 1787

Dorothy Ditchburn baptised in Marske on 25th June 1789. She married John Farthing on 16th April 1816

Andrew Ditchburn baptised on 12th May 1793 in Marske. He married three times and had three children

Robert Ditchburn baptised on 5th July 1798 in Marske and buried on 3rd March 1800

Robert Ditchburn baptised on 8th June 1800 in Marske and buried on 26th August 1805

Isabella  Ditchburn baptised on 13th November 1803 and buried on 5th June 1838 in Marske

George was buried in Marske on 14th July 1828. Jane was buried on 12th April 1837 in Marske


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