Albert Hawkings



Son of James Hawkings, father of Dorothy Hawkings and husband of Emma Elizabeth Benson

Albert was born on 26th January 1885 at 76 Moseley Street, Aston, Birmingham. His father was then a bricklayer.

According to the 1901 Census, Albert, aged 16, was a bricklayer labourer living with his family.

Albert married Emma Elizabeth Benson, who was born on 10th June 1884, on 4th July 1908 at the Parish Church of St Oswald, Bordesley, Birmingham. Albert was aged 23, a builder, living at 155 Broad Street, Bordesley, the son of James Hawkings, a builder. Emma Elizabeth was aged 24, the daughter of John Benson, deceased, formerly a Manager; Emma was then living at 91 Somerville Road, Birmingham.  Dora A. Benson, Emma’s sister, and Isaac Benson, possibly her Uncle, were witnesses at the wedding.

Albert and Emma had 4 children:

Dorothy Hawkings born on 28th March 1909

Grace Hawkings who married Donovan Richards and had 2 sons: David and John. By 1965, Grace had died and her husband was running the Post Office and Stores in Flyford Flavel, Worcestershire

John Albert Hawkings who married Joan Bryan and had a son:

Barrie Bryan who married and had a daughter:

Anthea Bryan

In 1965, John and Joan were living at 191 Longmore Road, Shirley, Solihull.

June Margaret Hawkings who married Arthur Philip Chambers and had 4 children.

Michael Chambers

Edwin Chambers

Malcolm Chambers

Ann Chambers

In 1965, June and Arthur were living at Stoneways, Woodley Lane, Romsey, Hampshire

In 1947, when Albert’s daughter, Dorothy, was in New Zealand, Albert and Emma’s address was Tudor House, Flyford Flavel, Nr Pershore, Worcestershire.

In July 1948 the Family celebrated Albert & Emma’s silver wedding

Emma died on 1st May 1965 at her home – The paddock, Flyford Flavel.  Emma was aged 80, the wife of Albert Hawkings, Chocolate Worker. Albert was the informant.

Albert died on 25th December 1973 in Kidderminster General Hospital.  He was a retired builder, living at Dunedin, Astley Burf, Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire.. His son in law, Dorothy’s husband, Arthur, was the informant.

His will, dated 26th July 1965, was proved in Birmingham on 28th February 1974.  The sole executor was his daughter, Dorothy Ellis, of “Dunedin, aforesaid”. His effects for probate were valued at £2206. He left £50 to his son in law, D. D. Richards; £30 to Dorothy and the rest of his estate divided in three between Dorothy, John and June

Emma died on 21st May 1965


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