Hawkings Family History

Dorothy Hawkings 1909 - 1990 married Arthur George Ellis

The Hawkings family go back to James Hawkings 1840 - 1924. The family were living in Birmingham throughout this family history

Dorothy and Arthur in later years

Below is the Hawkings family line from the marriage of Dorothy Hawkings to Arthur George Ellis back to James Hawkings at the top of the list. 


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  • Samuel Hawkings c.1815 (husband of Ann Hayward and father of James Hawkings)

  • James Hawkings 1840 - 1924 (husband of Mary Jane Burdett Poole and father of Albert Hawkings)

  • Albert Hawkings 1885 - 1973 (husband of Emma Elizabeth Benson and father of Dorothy Hawkings)

  • Dorothy Hawkings 1909 - 1990 (wife of Arthur George Ellis and mother of Alan Arthur Ellis)

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