Sir Thomas Grey


Son of Thomas Grey, father of Sir Thomas Grey and husband of Agnes de Beyle

Sir Thomas Grey was born c.1297. He was a knight who took part in the Scottish campaigns of Edward 1 and Edward 11. Thomas was captured at Bannockburn in 1314.


He was Constable of Norham Castle from 1319 until 1331 and resisted two sieges by the Scots. Also In 1319 he was granted lands in Howick, near Alnwick, which had been confiscated from John Maitland, a partisan of the Scots; and in 1323 he was appointed Sheriff of Norham and Islandshire


Thomas married Agnes de Beyle and they had one son


Elizabeth Grey married Phillip Darcy, 4th Baron Darcy of Knaith at Chillingham, Northumberland


Sir Thomas Grey born c. 1325


Jane Grey died an infant


John Grey died an infant


Agnes Grey married Thomas Umfreville


Thomas died just before 12th March 1344


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