Sir Henry Grey


Son of  Sir John Grey and Joan Cherleton, father of Lady Elizabeth Grey and husband of Antigone Plantagenet

Henry was born about 1420, the 2nd Count of Tankerville

Henry married Antigone Plantagenet, daughter of Humphrey Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, on 3rd January 1434/35. They had three children

Richard Grey 3rd Count of Tankerville and 1st Lord of Powis. He married Margaret Touchet, daughter of James Touchet, Lord Audley. He died in 1466


Humphrey Grey he married the daughter of James Touchet, 2nd Baron Audley of Heleigh.


Lady Elizabeth Grey born c. 1440, who married Sir Roger Kynaston


Henry died on 13th January 1449/50


In 1451 Antigone remarried Jean d'Amancier, Esquire of the Horse to Charles VII of France


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