Samuel Roughton

Son of Nathaniel Roughton and Martha Sparrow, father of Alice Pauline Roughton and husband of Susannah Parker Elliott

Samuel was born in Lambs Lane, Kettering, Northamptonshire, on 18th July 1830.

On 20th October 1856, Samuel married Susannah, later known also as Susan, the daughter of Samuel Elliott, Shoemaker, at the Parish Church, Wold, Northamptonshire. Samuel was a labourer. Samuel, who signed the marriage register with his mark, was from Kettering and Susannah, who signed her name, was from the village of Wold.

Susannah was born on 10th may 1835.

According to the 1861 Census, Samuel and Susan were living at 118 Northall Street, Woodford Yard, Kettering. Samuel was aged 31 and an Agricultural Labourer; Susan, aged 25 was a Staymaker.  The following children were present:

Kate Roughton aged 2

Martha Roughton aged 5 months

According to the 1871 Census, Samuel and Susan were then living at 220 Newland Street, Back of Pound, Kettering.  Samuel was aged 40, still an Agricultural Labourer, and Martha, aged 35, a Charwoman.  The following children, all born in Kettering, were present:

Martha Roughton aged 10, a scholar

Elizabeth Roughton aged 5, a scholar

Samuel Roughton aged 19 months

According to the 1881 Census, Samuel, aged 50, who was a Corn Porter and Susannah, aged 45, were living at 8 Gibraltar Place, Kettering. The following children, all born in Kettering, were present:

Kate Roughton aged 22

Samuel Roughton aged10

Ellen Roughton aged 8

Harriet Roughton aged 5

Willie Roughton aged 2

Alice Roughton aged 8 months

According to the 1891 Census, Samuel and Susan were then living at 58 Queen Street, Kettering.  Samuel was aged 60, a Corn Porter, and Martha, aged 55.  The following children, all born in Kettering, were present:

Kate Fridd married daughter, aged 32

Samuel Roughton aged 26, a shoeclicker i.e. a worker who cuts out the pieces of leather for shoemaking

Ellen Roughton aged 18, a Dressmaker

William Roughton aged12, an errand boy

Alice Roughton aged 10

According to the 1901 Census, Samuel was a lodger living at 33 Club Street, Kettering.  He was aged 70 and still a general labourer.  He was living at the home of Charles Ashley, his wife Miriam and daughter, Evelyn.

Details of all children provided by Arthur Ellis are as follows:


Kate Fridd baptised on 3rd July 1859 in Kettering and married Harry Fridd


Martha Anne Roughton baptised on 12th November 1860. She had married George Kendall before 1881 and was present at his house for the census – see note on Alice Pauline Roughton. Martha and George had 4 sons:


Harry Kendall who married Nelly and had 3 sons


Herbert Kendall

John  Kendall who was an Engineer at Rolls Royce during the First World War.  He married Georgina Jessie Brewer from Hertfordshire and had a son, Maurice Kendall, who became an eminent statistician and was knighted in 1974.  Maurice married and by his first wife had 3 children – Paul, Peter and Anthea; by his second wife, James, born in 1948

Earnest Kendall who went to New York, married and had 3 sons

William Kendall who went to London

Martha died in 1932

Elizabeth Jane Roughton baptised on 31st December 1865 and died in 1942 

Samuel Roughton born c. 1870 and married Jemima Parsons from Harrold, Bedfordshire on 20th September 1897.  According to the 1901 Census, Samuel, a boot clicker was living with Jemima at 63 Russell Street, Kettering. Samuel was a noted local musician, who died in 1949

Ellen Roughton born c.1872. She was a hospital nurse. According to the 1901 Census, she was living with her brother, Samuel in Russell Street.  In 1906 Ellen went to India, where she met and married Arthur Browne in 1909. They had a daughter Jessie, born in 1910, who was a gold medallist in her final year at Medical School; she married Norman Parfitt, who was Medical Officer of Health for Bedfordshire.  Jessie and Norman had 3 children:

Theodora Browne who compiled an important series of lectures on teenage pregnancies in the USA.  Theodora had 3 children – Katrina, Alexander and Tamara

Derek Browne who was a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford.

Johnathan Browne who married and had a son, Tom

Harriet Roughton born c.1876 and married Christopher Brown c.1900. They had 3 children

Christopher Brown who married and had a daughter

Frank Brown who married and had a daughter

Kathleen Brown known as Kitty, who married and had at least one child

Harriet died in 1926

William Roughton born c.1878 and married Alice Fosdick.  Known as Willie, he was a bellringer in St Paul’s Cathedral, London and there is a plaque in the bell tower recording the fact that a peel by the bellringers was recorded and used by the BBC as the interval signal in the early days of broadcasting – to indicate to listeners that it was not their set which had gone wrong during the interval between programmes. William and Alice had 4 children

Douglas Roughton who married and had a daughter

Percy Roughton who married and had a son and a daughter

Millie Roughton

Rosie Roughton who married and had 1 or 2 children

Alice Pauline born 15th July 1880

Susannah died on 6th November 1894 at 2 Green Lane Terrace, Kettering, aged 59, the wife of Samuel Roughton, general labourer.  Nellie, Susannah’s daughter, was the informant, who also lived at 2 Green Lane Terrace in 1894.

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