Nathaniel Roughton

Son of Samuel Roughton and Ann Chapman, father of Samuel Roughton and husband of Martha Sparrow

Nathaniel was born on 25th April 1788 and baptised in Kettering on 31st August 1788.

Nathaniel married Martha Sparrow at the Parish Church, Kettering on 26th May 1826.

According to the 1841 Census, Nathaniel, aged 53, and Martha, aged 51, were living in Haselwood Lane, Kettering.  Nathaniel was a labourer. Children present were:


Elizabeth Roughton aged 23 and a Lace Maker


Caleb Roughton aged 17 and a Shoe Maker


Hannah Roughton aged 14


Charles Roughton aged 12


Samuel Roughton aged 10


John Roughton aged 9

According to the 1851 Census, Nathaniel and Martha were living in Wadroft, Pitchley, Kettering. Nathaniel, aged 63 was then a shoemaker born in Kettering and Martha was aged 61 born in Little Harrowden. Also present was Elizabeth Sparrow, step-daughter, born on Long Buckley and blind; her occupation was a stocking knitter, plus two lodgers who were agricultural labourers.

Nathanielís occupation on the marriage certificate of his son, Samuel, in 1856, was that of a labourer.

According to the 1861 Census, Nathaniel and Martha then lived at Racehorse Yard, Swan Street. Nathaniel, aged 72, had returned to being a shoemaker and Martha, aged 70 was a Lacemaker

Nathaniel died on 3rd October 1862, aged 74, a shoemaker and the certificate was issued following an Inquest on 6th October 1862.  

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