John Cherleton


Son of John Cherleton, 1st Lord Cherleton and Hawyse ap Owen,  father of John Cherleton and husband of Maud de Mortimer

John Cherleton, 2nd Lord Cherleton was born c.1300. He married Maud de Mortimer, daughter of Roger de Mortimer, 1st Earl of March and Joan de Geneville, Baroness Geneville, before 13 April 1319.

John and Maud had one son:

John Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton born. c 1336 and died on 13th July 1374

John succeeded to the title of Lord of Powis  and 2nd Lord Cherleton in 1353.  He fought in the Wars of Gascony. He held the office of Chamberlain of the Household.

He died before 30 August 1360


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