Henry de Grey, Baron de Codnor


Son of Richard de Grey husband of Isolda Burdolf and  father of Hugh de Grey

Henry de Grey was born in 1161 in Codnor, Derbyshire


He married Isolda Bardolf c.1199 in Thurrock, Essex. Isolda was born c. 1168 in Hoo, Kent and died in June 1246


Henry and Isolda had four children:


Richard de Grey born c. 1199 in Thurrock. He married Lucy de Humez in 1223


John de Grey born c. 1203 in Shirland , Derbyshire. He married Emma de Cauz in March 1264/65


Hugh de Grey


Robert de Grey born in c.1206 in Thurrock. He married Beatrice St Luke in 1223


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