Edward Kynaston


Son of Rogerus Kynaston and Gwen verch Maredudd ap Rhys, father of Thomas Kynaston and husband of Katherina Lloyd

Edwardus, born c.1560. and Katherina Lloyd married in c.1590; Edward was from Morton, Oswestry, Shropshire and Katherine from Meluerley, Shropshire, the daughter of Williamus Lloyd.

They had the following children:

Gwen Kynaston who married Edward Euans (Evans) of Kriketh on 12th July 1613


Elizabetha Kynaston who married Hugonis (Hugh) Muckleston of Oswaldestre (Oswestry), Shropshire on 11th February 1617


Elianora Kynaston


Johannes Kynaston, eldest son, of Morton, Shropshire. He married Brigitta Kynaston, daughter of Francisici (Francis) Kynaston of Oteley, Shropshire and Margaret Charleton, daughter of Francis Charleton of Apley Castle, Shropshire. Francis was the son of George Kynaston of Otley and Jane Grey of Enville, Staffordshire. George was the son of Humphrey Kynaston of Stocks and Elizabeth Oteley.  Humphrey was the son of Piers Kynaston of Stocks and Margaret verch Edward ap Morgan.  Piers was the son of John Kynaston of Stocks and Jane Mainwaring.  John was the son of Griffinus Kynaston 1400 -1443 and Margaret Hoord John and Bridget had three daughters:


Juditha Kynaston who was borne c.1603, married Sir Orlando Bridgman on 30th January 1627/28 and was buried on 12th July 1644


Margaretta Kynaston who died an infant


Maria Kynaston who was aged 20 in 1623. She married Thomas Nicholls and was buried on 27th March 1683.  Thomas was High Sheriff of Shropshire in 1641


John was buried on 13th October 1635 in Oswestry and Brigitta on 8th April 1664 in Malpas, Cheshire

Rogerus Kynaston of Maesbury in Shropshire,  married Mary Newton c.1637


Thomas Kynaston  who married Susan Morris c.1625


Humfridus Kynaston


Robertus Kynaston baptised on 3rd July 1595 in Morton


Maria Kynaston who married Robertus Winn of Bedwell, Denbighshire


Katherine was buried in Oswestry on 27th September 1597


Johannes (John) above was the member of the family who submitted Genealogical data to the 1623 Visitation to Shropshire.


Almost all the above data comes from the 1623 Visitation to Shropshire, recorded by John Kynaston, eldest son of Edward Kynaston and  Katherine Lloyd. The only exceptions are some of the dates of baptisms, marriages and burials, which came from LDS records


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