The Children of Dr Thomas Hugo and Jane Arundel Phillip

All children were baptised in Crediton, Devon, at the Church of Holy Cross

Frederick Thomas Hugo: 1807 - 1824 


Baptised on 17th June 1807. Frederick  died aged 16 and was buried in Crediton on 4th March 1824


Arundel Phillip Hugo: 25 February 1810 - 8 July 1845


Baptised on 6th January 1813.  He died aged 35 on 8th July 1845 and was buried in Crediton on 12th July 1845


Rev. John Phillip Hugo: 7 October 1811 -  

Born on 7th October 1811 and baptised on 6th January 1813. He married Maria Cleave Smith of Crediton and born in Crediton on 15th January 1843 at Crediton. . However, Maria was born in the Parish of St Olave, Middlesex c.1821. She was the daughter of the late John Smith esq. of Crediton. John Phillip attended Wadham College Oxford, and matriculated on 23rd June 1829, graduating BA 1st Class in Maths and Physics in 1833.  He became a Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, from 1834 to 1842 and graduated MA in 1837. John was ordained Deacon in 1839 and Priest in 1840, both by Bagot, Bishop of Oxford. In 1841 John became Vicar of Exminster, living in The Vicarage of St Thomas. 

According to the 1851 Census for Exminster, John and Maria then had five children all born in Exminster and Maria was aged 35:

John Thomas Hugo who was born c.1844. He married Lucy Mary Dennys at Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire in June 1870

According to the 1871 Census, John and Lucy aged 29 and 26, were living at 1 King Street, Portsea, Portsmouth. He was the Assistant Paymaster (RN) active. Lucy was born in Gosport, Hampshire.  One servant was present,

According to the 1881 Census, John and Lucy, aged 37 and 36, were living at Beaufort Lodge, Eldon Road, Reading, Berkshire.  John was Secretary to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

According to the 1891 Census, John and Lucy, aged 47 and 46, were living at 8 Kendrick Road, Reading. John was still Secretary to the Hospital

According to the 1901 Census, John and Lucy, aged 57 and 56, had retired to Exmouth, Devon and were living at Sandhill Cottage, St Andrews Road,. John was referred to as retired Assistant Paymaster RN. There was one visitor present, Mary S Honey, aged 32 and born in Bedford, Bedfordshire

John died in Exmouth, Devon in mid 1908 aged 65

Dr. Edward Henry Hugo who was born c.1845. According to the 1871 Census, Edward was living at 3 Upper Woodall, Gillingham, Kent, aged 26 and a Surgeon,  His sister Edith, aged 22 was living with him plus one servant.  According to the 1881 Census, Edward, aged 36, was still living with his sister Edith as Housekeeper at 36 Railway Road, Gillingham, Kent.  Edward was a "Head Physician". There was also one servant in the House.

Just after the 1881 Census, Edward Married Catherine Rebecca Porteus in London, St Pancras Registration District

According to the 1991 Census, Edward still a surgeon, aged 46, was living at 115 High Street, his Surgery. His wife Catherine, known as Kate, aged 40 was born in Brackley, Northamptonshire.  The following children, all born in New Brampton, Kent were present

Edward Henry Hugo aged 9 a Scholar, born in early 1882

Gladys Katherine Hugo aged 6 a Scholar, born early 1884

Harold Francis Hugo aged 5, born early 1886

There were three servants also present

According to the 1901 Census, Edward, a Physician, aged 56, and Kate, aged 50, were still living at 115 High Street, a Medical Surgery.  With them were Gladys, aged 16, and Harold, aged 15, plus two servants

Edward died in early 1903

Maria E Hugo who was born c.1848

Edith Frances Jane Hugo who was born c.1849. According to the 1871 and 1881 (see Edward above) Edith, was living with Edward as his Housekeeper.

Emily Hugo who was born c.1851

Also present in the house in 1851 was an unmarried sister, Frances S Smith, aged 30 and 3 servants.

According to the 1861 Census, John and Maria had the following additional children at home:-

Eleanor C Hugo born c.1854

Walter Hugo born c.1856

In 1881 (see Edward above) Edith, aged 32, was living with Edward as his Housekeeper.

Requests were made for a Railway Station in Exminster by Rev John Hugo and others which was opened in 1852

                         John died in Exminster on 29th October 1862. His death is also recorded in The Gentleman's Magazine for 1862 as "Oct 29th At Exminster, Devon, aged 51, Rev John Phillip Hugo, 21 years Vicar of that Parish".


Jane Phillip Hugo: 23 July 1813       

Born on 23rd July 1813 and baptised on 21st February 1815. She married Henry Parker Cookesley on 26th July 1832 in Crediton.  Jane died in Wimborne, Dorset in early 1849 and Henry died in Hertismere, Suffolk in 1887

Dr William Henry Hugo: 1815 - 1877


See note on Dr William Henry Hugo


Dr. Walter           Dr Walter Hugo: 1817 - 1899

Baptised in Crediton on 17th July 1817.

According to the 1841 Census, Walter was aged 25 (rounded up), a Surgeon and living in Silby Bridge, Holcombe Rogus, Devon

According to the 1851 Census Walter, aged 30 and his wife Elizabeth aged 30, and born in Hockworthy, Devon, were living at 7 Albert Terrace, Albert Villa, Exeter. Walterís occupation then was Landed property and feudholder The following children were at home:

William Webster Hugo aged 4 and born in Ippleton, Devon in mid 1847. William died in 1854

Adia Charlotte Hugo aged 3 and born in Ippleton, Devon

Elizabeth Jane Hugo aged 1 and born in Exeter in mid 1850

There were six servants present

According to the 1861 Census, Walter, a surgeon not practising aged 42, and his wife, Elizabeth aged 40, were living at 12 Higher Terrace, Exeter, with their children:

Adia Charlotte Hugo, aged 12

Elizabeth Jane Hugo, aged 11

Amy Hugo, aged 5, born in St Leonardís, Exeter on 30th December 1855; she died on 11th December 1935.

There were three servants present

According to the 1871 Census Walter, aged 52, a retired Medical Practioner, and his wife Elizabeth aged 50. They then had 2 daughters with them, Elizabeth, aged 21 and Amy, aged 15. Walterís wife, Elizabeth, must have died between 1871 and 1875.

Walter then married Fanny Taylor, born in Honiton Clyst, Devon, in mid 1875 at St Thomas, Devon. According to the 1881 Census, Walter was a retired (out of Practice) Surgeon, aged 64, living at Ebford House, Exmouth Road, Woodbury, Devon, with his wife Fanny, aged 54, and three servants. 


In 1991 according to the Census he was a retired GP aged 72, living with his wife, Fanny, aged 62 still in Woodford. Walter died mid 1899 aged 83.


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