Clarice Aireton


Daughter of Richard Aireton and Ann Young, mother of Arthur Philip Taylor and wife of  Arthur Samuel Taylor

Clarice was born in Southill, Bedfordshire on 19 November 1879 and baptised at Old Warden on 4th April 1880.

After schooling she was employed on the Shuttleworth Estate, but in the early 1900ís went to live with her sister, Emily, in Birmingham at 59 Avenue Road, Kings Heath. 

She was living with her sister, when she married Arthur Samuel Taylor on 31st July 1910

In later life she was asked by her son, Philip, why she married, she explained that she was living in the middle of nowhere, in Old Warden, Bedfordshire and when she met such an honest and upright soldier she could not say no to his offer of marriage, or she may never have married.

After marriage she was a housewife for the rest of her life.

She died on 25th December 1949 at 104 Beaumont Road. The informant was her son, Victor, who had gone to her house to bring her food on Christmas Day. The cause of death was lung cancer, probably caused by her husbandís smoking a pipe of thick black twist tobacco

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