Phillip Family History

Jane Arundel Phillip 1779 -1842 married Dr. Thomas Hugo

The Phillip Family come from Exeter, Devon and can be traced back to John Phillip c.1723


Below is the Phillip family line from the  the marriage of  Jane Arundell Phillip to Dr. Thomas Hugo at the end of the list back to John Phillip at the top of the list. 


Hyperlinks in bold on Phillips below lead to the histories of each individual

  • John Philip c.1723 (husband of Jane Downing and father of Arundel Phillip)

  • Arundel Phillip 1744 (husband of Maria Bolt Bishop and father of Jane Arundel Phillip)

  • Jane Arundel Phillip 1779 - 1843 (wife of Dr. Thomas Hugo and mother of Dr. William Henry Hugo)

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